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Airplane manufacturer Boeing has admitted that some of its 737 Max planes could have a defective wing part. The company has been under intense pressure since two 737 Max planes crashed within months of each other. As a consequence all 737 planes delivered so far have been grounded since March 11.

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Kyle Rider
They destroyed their own legacy
Why Soitanly
See this: "The Economics That Made Boeing Build the 737 Max" --- There's clearly a lot more wrong with this 50-year old design than software. The engines are mounted too far forward and upward, anyone can see this leads to Center of Gravity (CG) issues. But further, this "new design that isn't new" causes a strong pitch-up moment at low speed and high power (e.g. right after take-off). Boeing tried to save time and development costs while chasing Airbus, and 346 lives later the real problem has surfaced. MCAS would never have been necessary if proper aerodynamic design principles had been obeyed. It is a software "patch" on a hardware "bug". Issues about AOA sensors and software "authority" are sideshows. Boeing will likely be found liable in the hundreds of lawsuits to follow. Boeing will try to have the trials moved overseas, but they seem to have not recognized that this is now a global issue. Does any company have the right to jeopardize lives to make or save money?
Bruneau François
Tout va bien !

Il revolera, un jour peut-être...
standard TV
Since the accident of boeng 737 max its like the news reporter has nothing to speak about every time Boeing 737 Boeing from my opinion since Boeing has apologised for the mistake happened now it seems like a sabotage mission from news station to make people move and customers move their trust on Boeing why?
Anas Hamdan
Better to ground it for ever
Tommy Aung - GMail
Can’t you all see the Boeing 737 Max MCAS, the Engine sticking out forward and up the wings. Aerodynamic issue. MCAS won’t help keep the flight steady while taking off
widhi nugraha
737 Max will be the safest aircraft in the world as long as it stays on the ground
Jurrien de Jong
Boycott Boeing for ever!
What about the reputation of the FAArce?
Jean Yonsei
Game over for Boeing
James Bond
Boycott the Max ,it kills .old tech old design
If it's MAX Boeing, I'm NOT going!
This plane was updated with "outsourced" engineers from India, also designed its frame updates and many other areas. They admitted they did the code WRONG. Some of these engineers were paid 9 bucks an hours working on the software. What brought this plane down was Boeing's 40 "diversity" programs laced with outsourcing to people whom have no idea how to build a plane. This plane was largely outsourced and the first plane updated and by members of these "diversity groups", mainly from India. There are multiple things wrong with this plane. In 2015 these diversity groups got the go ahead from Boeing to take the reigns of this entire plane. So, those angry white males they laid off at Boeing were screaming that these "diversity", underpaid, inexperienced engineers were committing fatal code errors. Don't fly in this plane.
Truth Matters
Incompetence is the problem. F-35 is also a mess. Incompetence. It crashed into sea in japan.
Daniel Lantos
if you want to die you either can go to Switzerland or fly a Boeing new planes
Dr. Leftfield
Tombstone economy= money go round. FAA says how soft a landing and this is how much.
Gary Lund
Boeing should drug test all their accountants.
Andy Maurice
Do you work for Airbus... this is all old news....
Boeing knew exactly what was wrong but didn't care. The price of 300-400 lives doesn't amount to much. Redesigning 737 would cost $2-3 Billion. So, even if a few more aircrafts go down, that is still acceptable, as against the cost of retooling & years of recertification by FAA.
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One thing to say to Boeing Boeing faces more problems 3 months ago   02:10

Airbus and Boeing compete every day to connect people across the globe, so Airbus has just one thing to say as Boeing marks its 100th anniversary… congratulations! Airbus employees around the world – including top management – share these well wishes, and thank Boeing for its competition that makes the industry better.