*NEW* EXCLUSIVE Renegade Raider Giant Baller Vehicle Parkour 2 weeks ago   17:55

Welcome to the latest patch of Fortnite, its cool!
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TY from NZ
11:21 any one realised that he killed his brother
Faze Lambs
Lachlan : why do I have 50 ping
Me: omg 100 ping best day
Treysaurus REX
4:07 oh
Vaughn Jamieson
Lachlen: 50 ping nooooooo

Me: awesome onley 50 ping best day ever
Truman Zerse
Its EDITABLE style, not eatable. I dont think you would want to eat the styles.
liam kaczor
What do you mean new in the title
?? I started playing in season 3 but I got gifted renegade raider
Hannah Neal
Zedew 37
Lachy is a sweat
CykoRaptor 44
You:double headshot, hell yeah

Me:you killed yer brother
Jackson jones
They added that style for Renegade Raider because it’s in save the world.
First Last
Really hope this doesn’t come back
George Day
Lachy calls everything in an update sick.
Tony Jones
I support you in item shop
XxMrPigUnicorn0.2xX Unknown
Lachy quick question do you stream. Before you Lachy fans start destroying me with hate... USE CODE LACHY IN ITEM SHOP I DO IT. I EVEN UN SUBBED TO MUSELK PLS BRING MERCY.
play warframe NOW
Also got a guy that tried to kill me 4 different times in team rumble and i killed him and his tripple teamer friend every time with extreme accuracy
play warframe NOW
I hit my longest snipe today on a guy that was jumping from 267m
Kevin Paul
2:31 Chanzes is in your game
Nameless Noob
Why he complaining about 50 ping? I get 1000 on a daily basis
Patrick Hanrahan
Can someone please tell me what his glider is
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Giant Baller Vehicle Parkour *NEW* EXCLUSIVE Renegade Raider 2 weeks ago   20:16

New Giant Baller Vehicle Parkour Course! (Fortnite Creative Mode)

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