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Russell Peters On Why He Hasn't Conquered | Matthew Mcconaughey On "larry King - At Up-Tube.com

Russell Peters on Why He Hasn't Conquered Matthew McConaughey on "Larry King 2 days ago   24:34

Larry King
He's the #3 highest-earning comic in the world. #RussellPeters gets real about why he hasn't conquered the American market, and how he gets away with making fun of virtually everyone. Plus, the real story behind 'Somebody Gonna Get Hurt Real Bad.'

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Jayson Castro
I dont find this guy funny. Making fun of people is not funny benchot.
Daniel Fialho
You can see in Larry's face that he doesn't like Canada, Russel felt uncomfortable about it but he was very polite though.
Mary Lee
1st time saw him seriously talking n not making fun of ppl
Why isnt he bigger in america? One word:
He blew up in canada because there arent that many great comedians, and even fewer indian ones.
Zem Zem
Larry King is still alive? What is he like 140 years old?
mukund ramaprasad
Russell Peters is very very funny and does terrific comedy.
Good interview. Larry, RIP :'( Miss you.
Christina Matteo
One of the great comedians today.
Bettina bettina
Like Julio Eglesias. He sold more records than any singer in the world for years. But nobody knew him in the USA . Til he made a duet single ..I have seen and liked Russell for years. And I live in the USA.
Bharat Varsha
Russell - almost apologetic being an Indian, looks ashamed - changed his name, his country, his accent, his culture - wealth & prosperity kind of changes everything.
scott shao
Russell is so great !!!!
Rahul Jaykar
Who else watching in 2020?
Zach K
Why he hasn't conquered American market...? Its It's simple... he is brown... and... we are too ignorant and closed minded as a society to accept an Indian into mainstream entertainment!

That said ... we are slowly coming around!!
Luis de Leon
Because he is not funny.
Who's watching in 2020?
Great person
*First Ethnically Indian Canadian Comic
Branden Imhoff
"...no, no, she was from Ecuador."

"Does she speak the language?"

"...uh, Spanish? Well, she..."

I mean, what was Larry thinking? Ecuadorian?
houcine Casablanca
I love Russell
SMH if someone with European parents was born and brought in Canada, in 99/100 cases they would always be called Canadian.
Superbly talented gentleman.. good luck to him.. thanks for sharing...
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Matthew McConaughey on "Larry King Russell Peters on Why He Hasn't Conquered 2 days ago   26:00

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