GIFTING Fortnite Skins to GIRLFRIEND! ACTUALLY Funny TikTok IRONIC 1 week ago   19:03

Fortnite Battle: Royale - Gifting girlfriend Fortnite skins
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Comments 6393 Comments

Which skin does Clare like the most? Let’s find out! 😄🙌🏻
Jack Kantorowicz
the dislikes.
shane McGovern
Only people who remember when pickaxe done 11 damage can like
shane McGovern
Champions league not world cup
XxTheboss5onegamingxX Gaming
16:17 I thought he ment to say my diccccc
Matthew Garcia
10:09 it was her and the female version 🧐
Only people who knew that the pickaxe did 11 damage
Kashaf Paracha
Hi can you please give me a skin please
Umi S
Cant you just give the poor girl something like box of chocolates and flowers
IDK Shots
it is a keytar
17:05 I really hope that he is joking
Stephen Curry30
14:30 *THE Zeinth* idk how to spell that
king power
Plz give me 1 skin pseudo epic le meilleur 04 plz bro its m'y best dream
Crazygirl09 Love
You said the soccer skin was a football skin?
Gangus 418
Do a challenge in irl where you say yes to everything she says for 24
Karissa Mitchell
Can you gift skins to me please
Sammy Shanks
my epic name is dsyr pix
Bradley Barker
The umbrella is for winning in general.
Josiah Turner
Its soccer not football
Bacon Corn
I’ve been playing for 5 seasons and I have less bought skins
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ACTUALLY Funny TikTok IRONIC GIFTING Fortnite Skins to GIRLFRIEND! 1 week ago   06:35