GIFTING Fortnite Skins to GIRLFRIEND! ACTUALLY Funny TikTok IRONIC 3 months ago   19:03

Fortnite Battle: Royale - Gifting girlfriend Fortnite skins
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Which skin does Clare like the most? Let’s find out! 😄🙌🏻
Kevin Wang
If anyone could gift me a skin I would be grateful I am a default my gamer tag is ASIAN_G04T_GODLY
Hey bro can u send me some skins coz I don’t have battle pass
jude inglis
Can you do try not to laugh
NORMAL Reality
Have you guys notice hes friend with bcc trolling
Steven Kingsley 2.0
My fortnite name I GamerPro Attuah please send me a friend request
hibben dupre
I subbed and liked the vid
chris laforge
hi alia um the umbrella is when you win any game except team rumble teams of 20 and 70 v 20 or discord
17:04 did he just say that
Sean Green
I’m pretty sure that the umbrella is for a single win
Sheraz Zafar vlogs
Please gift me one my name is fortbuilder299 and I am default
Wendy Williams
Poor little thing now spoilt little brat
U can tell ali hates playing afk arena
Esteban Alvarez
Hello people my brother is a cod streamer bo4 exile55 sub pls
alIA a InTrO
FSC_Tofu zlol
Mongraal shing shing?
Surjit Bahia
My name is veer
Loic Ellis
Use your code
Gamer of Genration
ali a please gift me a skin
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ACTUALLY Funny TikTok IRONIC GIFTING Fortnite Skins to GIRLFRIEND! 3 months ago   06:35