The deceptive promise of free trade How Commercial Traders Exploit Cash 2 days ago   42:26

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Global trade is a hot topic of the G7 summit in Canada. Is free trade truly free - and fair? What roles do US President Trump, economic powerhouse China, and the EU play in global trade?

When it comes to global trade, it would seem that trickery, threats and deception are the order of the day - yet all this takes place largely beyond the reach of the public eye. Donald Trump has made "America First” his agenda and rallying cry. Along with aiming sharp criticism at global export champion Germany, Trump has also introduced punitive tariffs and warned of further measures. Will this fresh wave of protectionism lead to economic isolationism and threaten global free trade? And what about those for whom free trade’s promise of prosperity increasingly rings hollow? Around the world, many people have come to regard themselves as the losers of globalization. If the true winners of free trade and globalization are not ordinary citizens, has the time come to revise the liberal orthodoxy of free trade? This documentary visits Germany, Switzerland, the United States and Cameroon to explore these issues by way of some everyday examples, including the trade in onions, floor tiles, and bicycles.

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Formid Geek
Whether we think of protectionism or free trade, we think of it in terms of countries. Protectionism ensures that countries exist, protected in those countries remain rich and unprotected poor. Free trade ensures that countries don't exist (people relocate for jobs) and we all become global citizens and most productive remain rich and less productive poor. How poor can be benefited by protectionism or free trade?
John Smith
We should stop buying all German things that made in China and instead buy it directly from China, otherwise it's just an absurd thing to do.
Leonardo gonçalves
the ethical responsability of the swiss is ´´mantain my job is the ethical thing to do``
Ashish Deshmane
Ronald Schultenover
I buy made in USA or even better made in Minnesota I never buy Chines or other Asian crap. Quality goods last
Gods Friend
The real problem is not the food,its peoples spending,You buy a house with no mony,house prices go up,and You lose Your house besous You have no mony,someone Els buys that house and he got not mony 2,house prices go up again,thats how iT is today,trie and buy metal and stone and wood for half milion,that You can never get in Your life,yes those who sold You that house get payd evry month from You fror something You dont even own,You cant solve a problem when You are part of it,now with this traide the only ones who profit from this is the govermant who takes more mony from You,while the product is bought for les,it saves no one,THE people who make stuf in there OWN country are controled by govermant,if its cheaper in other countries stop making it,if You dont You pay THE same for a product thats cheaper,and only govermant profits from it,so they can pay You to kill yourself in a war,
YouTube-Miunte I play Fortnite Wallpapers and cod
Free trade is not a fair trade particularly in Africa, is very hard hit to small cooperatives even they destroy through food aid they bring during the country’s harvest time in order to weekend farmers and create systematic poverty so as to be dependent on them.
Why do they become protectionist? They sold the idea of the free trade and the aggressive capitalism to the world, now because Communist China does it better they start complaining.
zhengyu min
my dear teacher give us this video as a homework
Carmindy Stevens
36:00 as a chicken owner myself I can tell you that woman LOVES those chickens. Very nice set up!!
Zel Zwrd
free trade provide cheaper stuff=true
however,free trade destroys local business at the same time =true
people who are affected by it loses job/have no money =true
people cant even buy the "cheap" stuff from the free trade = true
corporations that involved with the free trade gets richer =true
they extend their greedy paws unto another merchandise to export = true

and the endless cycle of destruction continues = true
Matthew Remillard
Breaking House
Ahhhhaha right now America started the two European world wars ahhhhhaha
Sky Xie
This is what makes China #1
Joanne Mercader
Interesting and informative
Sameer Pedhambkar
Very good documentary
Boban Joseph
Ish bin herr Boban Joseph von Kerala,India watching DW(English).
Danke Shön, DW TV.
Mark Grisnich
I don't get it! Free Trade is certainly possible, provided business taxes are minimized, tariffs are abolished, and subsidies made illegal. In that scenario, free trade will benefit everyone it touches. If your job disappears from competition, you must either improve, or find a new market where you will not decrease efficiency! The main thing is, subsidies and tariffs are petty power games, and as far as I can tell, they hurt everyone, expensively the small producers and laymen!
perry reasch
USA paid companies to move to other countries
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How Commercial Traders Exploit Cash The deceptive promise of free trade 2 days ago   52:53

A groundbreaking documentary investigating those behind the high stakes global commodity markets: commodity traders, from the Chicago Board of Trade to Brazilian sugarcane fields, Geneva’s headquarters and Kazakhstan pipelines.

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