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Top 100 Nhl Goals Of The Season (2018-2019) | Weird Nhl Vol. 27: April Fools' - At Up-Tube.com

Top 100 NHL Goals of the Season (2018-2019) Weird NHL Vol. 27: April Fools' 2 months ago   14:11

Jesse Funk
Top 100 goals of the season! I hope you like it!

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Nolan the Hockey Guy
Exuse me why is McDavids goal in 15th it should be in 1st or at least top 4 unsubscribing
Liam Holland
Where was the Peterson pass off the end boards to Boeser for s forehand one timer that was ridiculous
Ari Meyer
Did anyone else notice how the commentator says "NICE goal" for goal #69
Risto Hintsala
should be on top 10 dawg
Dan Ryan
Barzals bat in goal should be here
Aubry Tager
Girards spinerama vs the Sharks was nuts I was at the game it was nuts to watch first hand
Jordan Cimini
How is Rocco Grimaldi’s spin-o-rama backhand goal vs. Washington not on here?
Golgorak 87
Crosby goal 12e lol
13:11 Just sick.. hard to do
In terms of individual effort, I’d have to say Foegele at 13:10 takes the cake
Nathan Lichtmann
How is the Pettersson pass off the end boards to Boeser against Colorado not on this list? Also, the Crosby goals vs Edmonton was the best goal of the year.
Unreal skill.
Pettersson's bank pass to Boeser and his slapshot vs Detroit are both goals that are easily better than 50% of the goals on this list lol...
jake 8888
It's kind of funny how many times Derrick pouliot got beat in this video lol
Jason Kerouac
MacKinnon off the cross-check at 8:25, too. Damn, that kid is fun to watch.
Erik Dedo
Patrick Kane and Alex Debrincat should be on here more, and it should be illegal that debrincat wasn’t. He scored a goal where he started in front of his own goal, went through the entire blues team and then roofed it over Allen. I would that’s better than a lot of the goals on here
POTATO chicken
Most of these were on boston lol
Soviets vote for 82 2:06
Rocco Grimaldi’s goal in the game vs the caps should’ve been in this video
Aberg gets the #1 goal and doesn't even get a qualifying offer from the Wild at the end of the year... Fluke.
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Weird NHL Vol. 27: April Fools' Top 100 NHL Goals of the Season (2018-2019) 2 months ago   10:42

We take an in-depth look at brothers' Matthew and Brady Tkachuk while also highlighting unforgettable moments like a lost puck in the pants, a goalie kissing his post, a snow shower for the ages and more crazy hops and wacky goals!

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