Top 100 NHL Goals of the Season (2018-2019) Weird NHL Vol. 27: April Fools' 4 days ago   14:11

Jesse Funk
Top 100 goals of the season! I hope you like it!

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T-Wood Woodley
Where is Grimaldi with spinorama?
Martin Kuřil
Well 100 goals but the best one isnt in the video...
John Red
Rocco grimaldi spin o rama goal was my favorite goal by him
Jordan Herman
Am I the only one who thinks that last goal shouldn’t of been 1 at all
ThiCC ForTniTer
1:08 Athanisiou with a goal and he scores! wtf
Mark Edmundson
1st shouldn’t even be on top ten. My opinion though
Ei Nimeä
Are you swedish?
Exotic vlogs & gaming
why is number 15 number 15??? that should be top5
Hockey Express
Man that Giroux goal🔥🔥🔥
Cooper Blake
Where is kucherov
Aleksi Floorball
it's write Lehkonen, no lekhonen
I just remembered there's a team called the wild
I just remembered there's a team called the wild
I just remembered there's a team called the wild
himskatti sentään
Esa lindell?!
#47 should be higher, that’s drew doughty he dekes out of his jockstrap.
Иван Решетников
Пиршество.,Вкуснатище.,Изысканность., Бальзам.,Прелесть.,Неподражаемость., Радость., Мастерство.,Безподобность.,Неоспоримо.,Восторг., Восхищение., Уважение.,Поклонение., Великолепие., Наслаждение!!!!!!!!!!
Это Всё ХОККЕЙ!!!!!!!!
you know the islanders were a team heck they even made to the 2nd round
Scott Ryan
To be honest, Backlund's goal was maybe 30th best
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Weird NHL Vol. 27: April Fools' Top 100 NHL Goals of the Season (2018-2019) 4 days ago   10:42

We take an in-depth look at brothers' Matthew and Brady Tkachuk while also highlighting unforgettable moments like a lost puck in the pants, a goalie kissing his post, a snow shower for the ages and more crazy hops and wacky goals!

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