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Test Drive: Freightliner Supertruck | 7 Tricks That Can Make Your - At Up-Tube.com

Test drive: Freightliner SuperTruck 7 Tricks That Can Make Your 5 months ago   02:24


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Marcus Vieira Jorge
Pode se torna uma futura referência em transporte ...mas fica pra trás comparando o estilo e beleza dos caminhões americanos dos anos 80 e 90
Tim Lepley
What a gay looking piece of shit with so many computer components doomed to fail thank God I have way more miles behind me than in front of me with any luck I'll never have to drive a sissy truck like that. Tech nerds are ruining EVERYTHING
Mariano Galicia
Although I prefer the old-school look of 70's trucks (minus the ugly Texas Square bumpers, penis envy stacks, excessive LED lighting and bright work, mural paint jobs, gaudy colors, etc of today's 'show trucks'), this is one of the few aero trucks I've seen that looks pretty good from a design point of view.
The Reviewer
Relax people. The 80 million is not the cost of each truck. Lots of money goes into creating a better truck every year.
Mike E
80 Million?
Gino Tarabotto
Excuse me but did you said $80 million US Dollars?? I`m sure it`s $8 million, nothing can justify $80 million because most of the components on this truck (not all) but most are over the counter items, several hundred to be exact, and the worst thing a company like Freightliner can do in terms of marketing, is follow other manufacture marketing technique , this truck is already build (more than one I`m sure) is a success in terms of style, economy, comfort, safety and more important it is street legal, but have you notice that every time a company like this build an awesome vehicle, as soon it is presented to the public they said "but this truck will NOT be build, it is just a concept BUT some of the components will be use in future trucks" this marketing strategy is been around for way, way too I think it is time for companies like Freightliner to change this marketing nonsense and offer this new vehicle to the public as it is, let me ask you this... what exactly is wrong with this truck? because the only thing that can be considerate as illegal is the camera rear view replacing the conventional rear view mirrors even that was replace with conventional mirror with a tiny cameras on each corner and with two displays on the right and one on the left inside the cabin so in other words the truck now is completely 100% street legal the technology exist, is here, it will help the environment and save fuel, so cut the BS and build the truck as it is. Todays truck drivers expect comfort, economy and of course make money and as far I`m concern this is a money maker machine, good for the world so is a win-win situation.
John Wayne
Love the open close grill!!
Bryan Eich
Obviously an electronic drivetrain will give you more torque. Look at electronic superbikes, they're incredible.
Gino Tarabotto
The same BS as always, " we just build the ultimate of the ultimate... of the ultimate, but we are "NOT" going to build it" instead some parts and maybe some parts may end up in our trucks someday...maybe, this sucks men, you build something that is good in every possible way and yet ...we r not going to build it...I don`t know about you guys but I am tire of this videos it just such a waste of time, you can keep it.
Scott Witkowski
80 million is the research and developement cost. Quit being ignorant people, the truck doesnt cost 80 mil......
But seriously, can you imagine the maintenence cost on that spaceshipt? Who would want it?
Fuzzy Butkus
Only problem in 10-20 years they aren't gonna use humans as drivers
It seems like the future is going to be full of overpriced sensors and vents that stop openning right as you need them to open.
Will Perry Creative
I didn't hear any mention of fuel mileage
! That should have been the first thing talked about!
Bozidar Skobalj
opening hub and closing after drive looks cool, you could add even opening uper spoiler lift also on start and stop inc button !
Cowboy Kody
Its still a Freightliner, six months on the road and the dash falls in your lap
Советский Союз
it's fuckin ugly
80 mil? what?
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7 Tricks That Can Make Your Test drive: Freightliner SuperTruck 5 months ago   08:26

If you want your car to serve you longer and save money on expensive service and maintenance, pay attention to these simple yet really important rules. Experts recommend a few things to keep in mind and a few common mistakes to avoid to make your car last longer. If you stick around till the end of the video, we’ll tell you how you can fix a cracked windshield with garlic.
Having the correct tire pressure is a sort of “Goldilocks” situation. If it gets too low OR too high, you can have serious problems. Don't forget about seasonal tire changes and remember to swap your front and rear tires at least once a year.
Sharp acceleration and abrupt braking might feel like fun, but they’re actually extremely harmful to vehicles. If you decide to park on an incline and put your car in Park, it puts too much pressure on the transmission. In rare cases, it can even become dislodged or break down. So the best option is to use the emergency brake.
With the help of the symbols on the car's dashboard, your car can tell you when something's wrong, like when the engine's overheated, something's wrong with the electrical system, or the brake fluid level is too low. Go to an auto repair shop as soon as possible to save yourself from expensive repairs or even an accident. Weighing your vehicle down excessively does nothing good for the car's suspension, steering, transmission, tires, and engine. Plus, overloading increases fuel consumption and makes the car more difficult to handle.
Remember that cars, just like people, need regular check-ups and “health” tests.

Music: Retro - Wayne Jones

Keep your tire pressure in-check. 0:40
Take it easy on the gas and brake pedals. 2:03
Park correctly. 2:42
Don't ignore the dashboard. 3:54
Don't forget about vehicle inspections and repairs. 5:13
Avoid overloading. 6:03
Don't overload the clutch. 6:50
Bonus: fix a cracked windshield with garlic! 7:18

-Check your tire pressure at least twice a month (but once a week is even better). While adding air to your tires, make sure they aren't warm to the touch and don't overfill them.
-If you’re a fan of sharp acceleration and abrupt braking, remember both of them are actually extremely harmful to vehicles. Plus, you’re just burning more gas than you need to.
-Avoid throwing the car into Park before coming to a full and complete stop. The same goes for putting the car into Drive or Reverse before stopping fully: don’t do it.
-If you notice the engine light flashing while you're driving, slow down right away because this might be a sign of a serious problem. The brake light lets you know that somewhere in the braking system something has gone wrong.
-Check your car’s manual to find out how often you should change your oil or air filter and remember that a lot of it depends on your driving habits. Get yearly inspections and keep in mind that routine maintenance will depend on the season and the mileage.
-Get acquainted with the maximum load capacity for your car and stick to it. Try to get rid of all of the useless stuff in your car.
-Don't hold the clutch in at long traffic lights. During short stops, shift to Neutral and press the clutch right before you start moving.
-Take a clove of garlic, cut it lengthwise down the middle, rub the cut side over the crack, and wipe away the excess juice with a paper towel or napkin to keep the crack from getting worse until you can get it repaired.

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