Forza Horizon 4 [FULL] by Reiji Forza Horizon 1 - Horizon Final 1 day ago   9:24:32

Welcome to Horizon Festival UK 2018! Sorry to be tardy to the party. I'm banned in the UK but that doesn't stop me from going.

* This run is segmented due to the new seasonal system which won't allow me to change the seasons until I wait the following week.

Speical shoutout to Razu Nagata for his ongoing support and allowing me to use this video's thumbnail.

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Game Title: Forza Horizon 4
Game Platform: XBOX ONE


Difficulty: Pro
Braking: ABS Off
Steering: Normal
Traction Control: Off
Stability Control: Off
Shifting: Manual w/Clutch
Driving Line: Braking Only
Damage & Tire Wear: Simulation
Rewind: Off


[10:20] Horizon Festival Sprint
[12:42] Ambleside Sprint
[16:07] The Stunt Driver
[20:10] Tarn Hows Scramble
[25:18] Batham Gate
[29:55] Ambleside Scramble

AUTUMN [35:04]

[35:41] Tarn Hows Scramble II

[43:27] Derwent Lakeside Sprint
[47:36] Elmsdon on Sea Sprint
[52:00] Horizon Festival Circuit
[56:19] Ambleside Village Circuit
[59:51] Lake District Sprint
[1:03:38] Greendale Club Circuit
[1:07:58] Moorhead Wind Farm Circuit
[1:11:47] Edinburgh City Sprint
[1:15:46] Holyrood Park Circuit
[1:21:06] Princes Street Gardens Circuit
[1:25:28] Lakehurst Copse Circuit
[1:30:37] Broadway Village Circuit
[1:34:41] Waterhead Sprint
[1:37:14] Edinburgh Station Circuit
[1:42:02] The Meadows Sprint
[1:44:53] Greendale Super Sprint
[1:48:20] Bamburgh Coast Circuit
[1:52:32] Astmoor Heritage Circuit
[1:57:43] Cotswolds Super Sprint
[2:01:22] Glen Rannoch Hillside Sprint
[2:05:11] Derwent Reservoir Sprint
[2:09:04] Lakehurst Forest Sprint
[2:13:38] THE COLOSSUS
[2:21:25] The Behemoth Showcase

WINTER [2:26:35]

[2:26:54] Horizon Festival Drag Strip
[2:28:00] Greendale Aerodrome Drag Strip
[2:29:03] Bamburgh Beach Drag Strip
[2:32:33] Ice Flats Drag Strip

[2:33:45] Derwent Water Trail
[2:37:57] Lakehurst Forest Trail
[2:40:42] White Horse Hill Trail
[2:44:04] Cotswolds Road Rally Trail
[2:47:29] Highland Farm Scramble
[2:51:04] Bamburgh Pinewood Trail
[2:55:06] Astmoor Rally Trail
[2:58:45] Greendale Foothills Scramble
[3:05:19] Mortimer Gardens Scramble
[3:08:57] Glen Rannoch Trail
[3:13:00] Holyrood Park Trail
[3:16:12] Moorhead Rally Trail
[3:19:52] Mudkickers' 4x4 Scramble
[2:23:53] Lakehurst Woodland Scramble
[3:28:27] Ashbrook Loop Scramble
[3:33:24] Broadway Village Scramble
[3:37:22] Derwent Reservoir Trail
[3:41:12] THE GAUNTLET
[3:52:56] The Flying Scotsman Showcase

SPRING [3:57:28]

[3:57:51] The Stunt Driver Arc
[4:49:07] World's Fastest Rental Arc
[5:15:04] Isha's Taxi Arc
[6:07:47] LaRacer Arc

[6:45:40] The Halo Experience Showcase

[6:51:12] City Outskirts Cross Country
[6:54:58] Arthur's Seat Cross Country
[6:58:16] Beach View Cross Country
[7:01:15] Whitewater Falls Cross Country
[7:03:47] Windmill Cross Country
[7:06:10] Riverbank Cross Country Circuit
[7:10:22] Ambleside Loop Cross Country
[7:12:37] Ambleside Rush Cross Country
[7:15:33] Quarry Cross Country Circuit
[7:19:35] The Ridge Cross Country Circuit
[7:24:39] Castle Cross Country Circuit
[7:29:12] Aerodrome Cross Country Circuit
[7:32:01] Rail Yard Cross Country Circuit
[7:34:44] North City Cross Country Circuit
[7:38:37] Coastal Rush Cross Country
[7:41:11] Mountain Foot Cross Country
[7:43:59] Gardens Cross Country Circuit
[7:47:04] Glen Rannoch Cross Country
[7:49:37] THE TITAN
[7:55:51] The Horizon Motocross Showcase


[7:58:40] Edinburgh Stockbridge
[8:01:41] Reservoir Run
[8:04:59] Ambleside Ascent
[8:08:09] Derwent Valley Dash
[8:11:08] Edinburgh West End
[8:14:30] The Highland Charge
[8:17:28] Edinburgh New Town
[8:20:49] Ashbrook Apex
[8:24:16] Broadway Crossfire
[8:29:31] Mortimer's Pass
[8:32:30] Glenfinnan Chase
[8:35:37] Rail Yard Express
[8:38:37] Holyrood Run
[8:41:49] The Monument Wynds
[8:45:08] North Coast Rush
[8:48:37] Wind Farm Rush
[8:51:59] Otleydale Dash
[8:55:12] Coastal Charge
[8:57:57] THE MARATHON

[9:07:35] THE GOLIATH

[9:19:27] The Delta-Wing Showcase


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cayenne kick
Banned for being good at driving 😎
Joyce Tonkin
I plan this yesterday its so fun
Adi Sadewa
Forza: Mitsubishi is back

Reiji: Me Gusta
Terry Cobb
Huge fan... you are the reason that I bought a xbox1( 500gb)model. amazing driving.. brilliant moves in every race. your moves inspired me the get forza horizon 3 & 4 and Motorsport 6 & 7. what is your setup ? what kind of settings that you are using w/controller/wheel and car tuning thank you for what you have posted and what driving/racing game is next ? epic coolness!
Take a shot every time he drives over a checkpoint banner
Who else watched the entire video?
Team Rogers
#ForzaHorizon #ForzaHorizon4 #FH4
Little Cuties
Mario Ryu
So which racing game is better Forza or Grand Tursimo?
Reiji is the good driver. He'll do it because he's good.
Was I Really Late? πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜”
Gail Zimmer
Ride Or Die!
Dudeeeeee! Reiji I knew you were gonna do it
cayenne kick
is it just me or do the a.i. drivers seem worse then they used to be in noticing the player?
Smiler Entertainment
"Look at that Senna go!"

The Senna is literally a less impressive and weaker P1...
Junaet Hosen
Ah man do want to kill your eyes?
Ghost Pepper Mentats
Your Favorite Radio Station @ 20:00 is my Favorite and First Podcast πŸ‘πŸΏ
Krystof Gyles
finally, you did it
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Forza Horizon 1 - Horizon Final Forza Horizon 4 [FULL] by Reiji 1 day ago   20:29

After gaining enough points in the yellow, green, blue, pink, orange, purple and gold wristband events I qualified for the final event "Champion of Champions" in Forza Horizon 1 with a grand prize of 5 million credits. Here you can see me completing it and then taking on Darius Flynt in the final boss battle showdown around the whole map.

0:00 Unlocking the final Horizon event "Champion of Champions"
1:05 Horizon Final - Festival Headline Race on Beaumont Circuit
9:15 Champion Commentary and Cutscene
9:59 Final Boss Duel vs Darius Flynt
19:23 Reward Car Win

The final festival event of FH1 is a 5 lap circuit race against some of the fastest cars in the game. It is the only festival event that allows cars of the R1 class.

Straight afterwards you face off against Darius Flynt in the final boss showdown to win his car. This duel takes place on a very difficult track, which looks like it leads around the whole map. Traffic is enabled in the duel as well.

I had to do a couple of restarts in the duel, first because I lost but then also several times because Darius got stuck somewhere, which I didn't really want. In the end I settled for this run here, where I had to use 2 rewinds but at least the AI didn't get stuck and it was close until the end. I might record another run on this track in Time Attack mode later, since it's an awesome track but it definitely requires some practice, so I am not able to show a flawless run in a playthrough video with just a few attempts.

There are also still a lot of Street Races left for me to do and the final one is called "Goliath", so that one might be interesting as well.

Overall Horizon 1 is an awesome game and I can see why it's the favorite Horizon game of some people. I think in terms of handling I personally prefer Horizon 2 but Horizon 1 is definitely good as well and I really like the structure of the single player mode, which makes the races feel more meaningful than the endless championships against faceless opponents in the following games.