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Cd / Frame Rate | Siri Vs The Ads: Does It Hold - At Up-Tube.com

CD / Frame Rate Siri vs the Ads: Does It Hold 2 days ago   04:12

Captain Disillusion
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• Intro - https://up-tube.com/upvideo/E4fS0ZG1GTZ
• Aspect Ratio - https://up-tube.com/upvideo/t5MtHVboFw0
• Resolution - https://up-tube.com/upvideo/1haxyhlu2Xf
• Interlacing - https://up-tube.com/upvideo/1Lwn9z1Yh6Z

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Just one side note, back then TVs did NOT sincronize the frame rate with the power frequency, they sincronized with the broadcast vertical/horizontal pulses. The reason they chose the frame rate according to the local power frequency was due to studio lighting. If the lights flicker at 60Hz and you film with a 50 fps camera or vice versa you'll get a rolling shadow effect on the picture. This remains true to this day. Most cellphone cameras film at 60 fps, if you are in a 50 Hz region and have flourescent lighting you can see the effect.

Tom Scott explains it here: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/hmC8SSXcjD0
Silvão Old Gamer
Yes, I can notice the difference between 48/50fps to 60fps!!! This is just a habit...
*laughs in 144 fps*
Jasper Janssen
To the best of my knowledge, the grid was never used as a clock generator in television sets. the reason frame rates match is that the grid would interfere with the signal, and it looked better when it matched.
Chris Carriero
Now only 1 is missing and that is animation
Kshitij Desai
What something else??
I notice to frame rate difference I play too meany video games... Where frame rate is extremely important the higher the better. My games run at about a 120 to 200 fps.. But that's A horse of a different color
Jordan Martens
Oh boy, this mans comedy is really getting out of control. You should do some tours there Mr. Comedic-Disilllusion D
stop reading my name please
The difference between 48 and 60 fps is very noticable when you are playing a game.
Daniel Animations
What frame rate is your eyes??????
Cielo Abueva
lil oofy
How much frame rate does real life has .
Fred H
I agree with the ending but to say you cant tell the difference is disingenuous. Like you said, youve been constantly switching between fps, so no ones eyes had time to adjust. Side by side comparisons have been done already by many people. anyone who plays games at a solid 60 FPS feels the difference once it starts dropping far enough below because theyre focusing on it.,the same would happen if someone were atching a movie and the frames shifted randomly to -15 less than where it was.

In anycase, i love these videos. ive learned something from each one. even the toipics i thought i understood.
I play games at 30 or 60 fps. If the game wobbles in other odd numbers (like 48 fps), the difference is notable in the judder on screen. However, it is more noticeable with the input.
That's why VRR/Freesync/G-Sync are important!
A Random weeb
Only gamers tell apart framerates while gaming
there was someone on fakebook that wrote, your mask is cgi.
i know hw is right, and don´t ask why.
greetings from frankfurt,
Can you make all your videos 60FPS?
Disney Jazzcore
I love your fucking face
RTX 2080ti is the only answer on 29.97 fps
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Siri vs the Ads: Does It Hold CD / Frame Rate 2 days ago   06:23

Sorry in advance for how many times your Siri gets triggered during this video.

Original video with The Rock: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/hsOYV6oO9ft

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