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World's Top 10 Most Difficult Countries To Get Visa

1. Sudan
2. U.S.A.
3. Sao Tome and Principe
4. Saudi Arabia
5. Syria
6. Iran
7. Democratic Republic of Congo
8. Angola
9. Russia
10. North Korea

*Source : Telegraph | United Kingdom

NOTE: This list based on some kinds of problems faced by Citizens of different countries like, slow visa process, expensive visa process, security issues, medical issues, and enemy countries.

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the glam styles
Why usa­čśó
Violeta Aplasca
Singapore is visa free but very clean,well discipline people,nice food,wonderful
Zack Toor
So... the US is hard to get a visa for because for... people with drug convictions? And that makes it the second hardest?? That's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. Why would any country allow criminals to easily enter?
Tee D
You can enter the USA easily through Mexico border and they (Democrats) welcome you with open arms and food stamps.
Suman Rson
not at all Saudi Arabia
Lawrence Brar
Easy to get Saudi Arabia ­č窭čçŽ visa u gone Wrong
Nico Willy
One coca cola in supermarket angola 4 dollars?
Roman Zng
Oh nooo..........C'mon!!! I wanted to migrate to North Korea
Pan Africanist
Citizens of the following countries can visit Sudan without a visa for two months with invitation letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

´┐╝┬áBenin´┐╝┬áBurkina Faso´┐╝┬áCentral African Republic´┐╝┬áChad´┐╝┬áComoros´┐╝┬áCote d'Ivoire´┐╝┬áDjibouti´┐╝┬áEritrea´┐╝┬áGambia´┐╝┬áGhana´┐╝┬áGuinea´┐╝┬áGuinea-Bissau´┐╝┬áKenya´┐╝┬áLiberia´┐╝┬áLibya´┐╝┬áMali´┐╝┬áMauritania´┐╝┬áMorocco´┐╝┬áNiger´┐╝┬áNigeria´┐╝┬áSao Tome and Principe´┐╝┬áSenegal´┐╝┬áSierra Leone´┐╝┬áSomalia´┐╝┬áTogo´┐╝┬áTunisia
Russia really ­čśů­čśů­čśů­čśů­čśů
Pratheep N
Whats the foolish information....the creater of the videio .is brilliand guy...But...Iam not fool this Video watching people not fool...Whats foolishness add with ..Guy
dajemu infin
Who wants to visit Sudan? Only mental illness person can do that. What a poor and radical country like Sudan, can offer to the visitor? Nothing.
Lakshmi Sailom
Turkmenistan most difficult....
ahmed fadul
Sudan is number 1? LMFO , i guess at least i see my country is on top 1 around world, for those who dos't know Sudan carefully ; its because its sick, died body country
it's not even a country, its Gotham City
Bambang Priantono
Indonesians can get Iranian OAV now..
This video is so far from the truth you better think twice before you upload a video
Wrong list
movie world
Indian gets the visa of Russia very easily in 3 days
Ngufor Fritz
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Isac Abraham
I have us visa for a decade
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