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Unsolved Season 4 True Crime | Unsolved Mysteries With Robert - At Up-Tube.com

Unsolved Season 4 True Crime Unsolved Mysteries with Robert 2 days ago   3:10:22

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network
A recap of Season 4 True Crime with a few sneak peeks of Season 5 sprinkled throughout that you won't want to miss!

Welcome to the BuzzFeed Unsolved Network! This channel is your one-stop destination for all things mystery, conspiracy, supernatural, true crime, and everything in between. Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/2zuaR06.

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Tina Bina
Man you guys are the best
If only JJ Bittenbinder was around to tell Hoffa about the dangers of secondary locations
The Canadian impressions weren’t correct at all, though we are very apologetic, but the impressions were hilarious
Dulce Estrella
11:33:54 love Shane!
Sam Achtzehn
Grace Dell
i’m wearing a face mask and it cracked so much by me laughing at 13:31
this is what you found inside a gta character's body and car
Erika Michael
#TeamBOOgara! 👻
Erika Michael
So funny I love Shane's monster face they are both so funny
i think 'the baze, was the waterfall, the water falling turned white a.k.a i think it was behind the waterfall
Han Lu
This show is so good. Good job bro
Sarah McCartney
I feel like if Ryan and Shane ever want an alternative career path, they should enlist in the police force and work their way up to detectives bc they'd be banging detectives.
Ellen ms
Wow , this Marathon might expose my lack of a busy social life.. lol 😝 thanks for all your work you do putting material together, I watch the unsolved crime, 👍 (NOT the supernatural).. ❌
Chalk on board
Please do Madeline McCann

ryan: i think they bought it
*seconds later*
also ryan: we still rollin?
cameraman: we're still rollin
shane: oH wE'rE sTilL rOlLiN?!
My mom: Who the hell has three hours to watch two psychos explain how people died
Me: ...Totally not me
Renee Hernandez
Is Shane really that tall?
If Jimmy Hoffa middle name is Riddle, then clearly he’s The Riddler. So his killer is Batman.
Denise Uhlry
I still say.....you know your own son......maybe if the child is under 6 months old.But at his age and not that long of separation.....COME ON!
opinions in ASMR
for the 8 day bride murder, the cops described it as “fantastic” as in “fantastical.” come on, boys 🙄
during the collar bomb story, did nobody ever go check the actual address where wells had to take the pizza ?
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Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Unsolved Season 4 True Crime 2 days ago   12:06

This episode includes: Psychic Spy, Wanted Nanny, Bloodhounds & UD and Cloning.