The fight for IS's last resort Special Report: The front line 6 months ago   02:19

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Kurdish-led forces in Syria have launched an attack on the last pocket of territory held by IS. Backed by the US, the Kurds say the remaining 400 to 600 jihadists are holed up around the town of Baghuz on the Iraqi border and should be defeated within a matter of days.

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In 5 -10 years they will be back with another name. the more things change in the middle East , the more they stay the same.
man woman
isis allah madarchoad hai .. kuran haramipan ki kitab .. islam on my foot matherchoad . many hindu commando waiting for isis if you came i promise you in gutter no janaja madarchod isis ke kutto.
Tawla Mala
Finally the Kurdish ypg eliminated Turkish isis
jeff sam
Thank God ISIS's World domination failed! I was getting ready to trade my Gillette stocks for some Sandals Stocks! lol
Biji Kurdistan
love from Tunisia
London Power
Isis is everywhere
Kill them alll. Be head
Bush & Blair’s mess in Middle East
Mustache of Wilhelm
doesnt matter isis relized their life goal and now it can die peaceful
ISIS leaders are CIA and Mossad agents.
Manuel Neuer
Glad to hear. Now the refugees can return home :)
Truthmedia Rebel
The will of Allah he does not want ISIS and no virgins for them, tough. Only pigs.
trydent 327
ISIS will never be defeated because islam is still alive.
Red Pill
Stop US wars; Stop US sanctions; Support US troops: bring them home; Medicare for all; Green New Deal; Living wage for 1 full-time job; Free education: scholastic not class based; Eliminate domestic poverty.
The Kurds clearly deserve their own homeland.
G Watsittoyaa
The woman speaking supports IS , she lies bout many things , they are enforcing normal sharia , by killl men nd women for not being muslim , its 2019
G Watsittoyaa
No hard verison of Sharia enforced , just normal Sharia , DW clearly supports terrorist , becareful of this news site
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Special Report: The front line The fight for IS's last resort 6 months ago   05:08

Aid groups are warning of a new humanitarian crisis in Eastern Syria as the jihadi militant group, known as Islamic State or Daesh, battles to hang on to its final stronghold - just one village on the Syria-Iraq border.

While the fighters cling to their last piece of territory, their women and children have fled into the cold, windswept desert.

Sky's Special Correspondent Alex Crawford has travelled to the front line of the fight with I.S - the eastern Syrian village of Baghuz Fawqani.

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