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Tyrone Power Jr. Celebrity Red Carpet | - At Up-Tube.com

Tyrone Power Jr. Celebrity Red Carpet 3 months ago   03:01

Tyrone Power Jr. Celebrity Red Carpet Interview at Dream Killer Movie Premiere

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Mya Hollandia
He really looks much like his father !! It’s so sad and almost unbelievable that Tyrone wanted a son so bad and then he dies before his son is born
Amatrice 1906
Es igual a la madreeeeeee👍
Ali Molina
Tyrone Williams Power es tan hermoso como su padre el gran Tyrone Edmund Power! Tiene sus mismos bellos ojos, su sonrisa, su voz y es sumamente agradable!!! Pero mi adorado Ty fue único e inolvidable!! Y su hijo debe estar tan orgulloso de él como lo estaba él de su padre el gran actor de teatro y cine Frederick Tyrone Power (el primer nombre nunca lo usó profesionalmente). Gracias!
david p
Brenda Echols
his voice is so much like his father.
Maria Jesús Cuellar Gómez
era una belleza y muy buen artista
Lo recordaremos por siempre forever and ever.SAN JOSE COSTA RICA.
Karenina Beltran
Tyrone Power's children, Romina, Tyran and Tyrone Jr. all inherited their father's beautiful features. However, his son is or a different era, and thus, not the gentleman that his father was. But who knows? Hollywood breeds immorality and lust. Sometimes it seems these children of Hollywood Royalty never had a chance for normality. But the GENE POOL lives on. May they find a spiritual fulfillment outside of their given play ground.
maria eva montes de oca
Ty Jr. looks so much like his father. Of course he has his own charm and talents. I also agree with trueblood33, Tyrone, his father is the KING, and Junior must be so proud of him. God blesses both.
He has his Dad's eyes and mouth...but not quite the handsome looks of his old man...shame
Connie Yelp
Tyrone Jr. was born 2 months after his dad died, Tyrone Sr. didn't know the son he had wanted for years had been born.
Connie Yelp
This young man has his dad's eyes and smile. I think too in a few years he will look more like his dad.
I just heard it and like it. It is mello and good back beat that does not interfere or take over the interview. Just one opinion. Have a great day both of you(from above convo)
I don't see that.. Hey Cheryl...Tyrone was the Jr. right? His Dad was Senior. so this young man .would have to be the III right?
I have to agree. It seems that morals, and class has left us forever. That is why I adore UTube. I can have choices, among the best of yesteryear. Today, there is no mystique among actors anymore. Nor will there be. It is too late.
Hilarious. Ed who?
Kathy A.
Oh, heavens, this rap song is awful. Ty Jr. is good looking, but no way does he come close to his beautifully handsome father. What a handsome man.
very much so. even more boyish. but missing Dad's hypnotic voice.
@EdMagikTV Good. I meant no offense, I am not a fan of rap however.
@jimidee33 Often when people see me, the chant the song. Believe it or not.
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Tyrone Power Jr. Celebrity Red Carpet 3 months ago   09:11