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"i Joined Faze Clan" | I Stream Sniped The Faze House - At Up-Tube.com

"I JOINED FAZE CLAN" I Stream Sniped The FaZe House 3 months ago   14:39

FaZe Kay
MindofRez and his Little 10 Year Old Brother Kaylen PRANKED us yesterday so FaZe Jarvis and I thought of a plan to get revenge...

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Comments 5316 Comments

Junior Pina
Jarvis for life
Name killed at 10:43
Isaac Leys
Love your vids pls gift me a skin 😀😀
Fate The Kid
If i had a dollar for everytime kaylen said restart i would have ⬇
Kaylen can’t even beat HIGHSKY
Clover Holeee
Kaylen is a bit add me up Jarvis or Frazier and I want to 1v1 him my epic games is : ChickeeenKiiinge
why hello there
4:35 foreshadowing?
Maria Asif
Kaylen: Jarvis is trash

Jarvis: I’m trash but I beat u
Timi Ekisola
Can I join faze my name is faze tmi
Chris the Goat
I would have that hoodie and not care if I’m in faze
gary shaw
like if Kaylen got CLAPED!!
Oshen Cadirao
Is solo your best brother and do you like to play with you.
Dwayne Cr7 YT Family YT
Damn 🤣
Karen Burton
your awesome
Karen Burton
ryour awesome
Army boy 1999
Poor Jarvis :( 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Alfred. Lystad
Kaylen is so toxik
Cool guy #cool
Jarvis isn’t that good
nimanimapro nimanimapro
kaylen is so spoiled
Kaylen is not really good enough to be apart of Faze if you can’t even beat Jarvis come on man tighten up
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I Stream Sniped The FaZe House "I JOINED FAZE CLAN" 3 months ago   10:07

I stream sniped FaZe Jarvis, Kay, Teeqo & Orba at the FaZe House and they broke in

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