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"i Joined Faze Clan" | I Stream Sniped The Faze House - At Up-Tube.com

"I JOINED FAZE CLAN" I Stream Sniped The FaZe House 1 day ago   14:39

FaZe Kay
MindofRez and his Little 10 Year Old Brother Kaylen PRANKED us yesterday so FaZe Jarvis and I thought of a plan to get revenge...

Subscribe to Jarvis & Kay! https://bit.ly/2JdniAn

Use Code "FaZeKay" in the Fortnite Item Shop!
SUBSCRIBE TO FaZe Kay - http://bit.ly/Subscribe2FaZeKay

My Little Brother is LIVE NOW - https://www.twitch.tv/liljarvis
Sub to FaZe Jarvis - https://www.youtube.com/user/TheOnlyJaaY

-Instagram - http://instagram.com/FaZeKay
-Twitter - https://twitter.com/FaZeKay
- Add my Snapchat - FaZeKay or 🇬🇧
-Check out my livestream - https://www.twitch.tv/fazekay

Business Contact - FaZeKayBusiness@gmail.com

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Federico Liracortes
No i hate you 😈😠
Hello Gaming
Sneak in Kaylans
Ivan Kuntsevich
My name is 123 flash 45
Ivan Kuntsevich
Can you send me the battle pass I subscribed and liked
kirby mario
10:42 that name....hmmmmmmmm
That_ guy
When the outism kicks in 13:02
RoboticWolf YT
"I gUeSs We GoT bEeF nOw"
sargent,micheal,marvin, Eduardos channel
Kaylen Is a meme
خالد قيمز أحمد قيمز
The f*** bro
The everything Channel
Kaylen: bro your trash

*gets shot*


*Jarvis kills person*

Kaylen: why u stealing my KILLS BRUH oh my gaud bruh

Also kaylen: can i have sheilds
Jarvis you should 1v1 Horsing please it would be such a good fight
people plz sub to my acc and share the vid and the account
Jackson Stepp
Sub to Gruntbday79
Johannes Caleb
Can i join faze
Noah Lewis
You should actually inv to faze
Twitch Minty
Kaylen: Im the new FaZe Kay
zzicydragon 35500
Kaylen trash
Sign kaylin
Jonathan B
Jarvis is much better than Kaylen IT’S JUST SIMPLE FACTS
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I Stream Sniped The FaZe House "I JOINED FAZE CLAN" 1 day ago   11:14

I stream sniped FaZe Jarvis, Kay, Teeqo & Orba at the FaZe House and they broke in

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