Cammed LS3 Camaro SS with Magnaflow Camaro ZL1 w/ Stainless Works Catback 4 months ago   03:33

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This video features a badass looking and sounding Chevy Camaro SS with various modifications, such as bigger camshaft, full cat-less Magnaflow exhaust, K&N cold air intake; BBS wheels and so on! Make sure you turn up the volume because it really sounds amazing!

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Go with the flow and VROOOOOM!
Victory_ SS_
What muffler is it
Sounds A6 trans not M6 formerly L99 converted to LS3 with VVT AFM/DOD delete kit. With cam upgrade.. To me" you can hear him feather the pedal after he gets out of 3rd. But maybe I'm wrong and he shifts like A6 trans. Either way sounds nice.
Steven Madray
Wait till you hear a twin turbo v10😝
Brandon Ebrall
Sounds Like Lightning McQueen Revving Hahaaa
LΓ©na Prime
Thats my favorite car , when i will be 18-19 i will get an camaro ss 3.6 v6 because i dont have money for an v8 XDDD
yasir ali
got the 50th edition Camaro. sounds sweeeeeet. Camaro > bmw!
Speed Razer
LS1 For life !!! πŸš¦πŸŽπŸπŸ‘€
Amazing 😁
Pluto Coleman
Maga flow sound Damnn good choppy
drives like a asshole on the wrong side
Louve Moon
I want one πŸ–€πŸ’›
Drunken Hamster
Shit finna make me cry! Dafuq am I doing with a Scion tC, I need a v8 in my life again!
Dajia Harris
it looks funny
Kolby Sprague
Please tell me what rear bumper that is
Krizana Santamaria
Puts all those pussy cars to shame
ϟ Mic Snake ϟ
Swift Jack
If you have a 1Lt camero that doesn’t come with dual exhaust can you put dual on it cause you know the mold on it only allows one exhaust to come out on each side
paolo bristol
i like bumble bee yellow car
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Camaro ZL1 w/ Stainless Works Catback Cammed LS3 Camaro SS with Magnaflow 4 months ago   02:40

2013 Camaro ZL1 cammed w/ stainless works headers & Carback 3" exhaust! So much better than the stock muffler setup......