[FREE] Travis Scott x Logic [FREE] Young Thug Type 1 day ago   03:39

Causmic Beats
One of the 10 beats I did for YouTube's Audio Library. Can't put it on Spotify unfortunately because of YouTube copyright policy with their audio library but you can download for free below.
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[FREE] Logic x Travis Scott x G-Eazy x Drake x Joyner Lucas x Astroworld x Keanu Reeves Type Beat "Nothing Easy" | Prod. Causmic | YouTube Audio Library

Fortnite family outro music.

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Causmic Beats
Bridge at 2:28, outro at 3:02. More of my trap beats here 🙏 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLV6CaBkZf2CI4X_q34KK8NmQTvbOvmctF
Aidan Donohue
Not xDarkness.
0:11 free replay
Stili Nikolaev
Spotify pls!!!
x Koma
Do you have a Spotify playlist bc I’d download this for sure it’s 🔥🔥 nvm just read the comments and did you make this song or is it a remix and if it is what song btw ??
yaysup7 k
This song is so good and underrated I subbed btw, hope you become bigger one day😉
Omega Lul
Goes hard
holy fxck
Fortnite family outro??
Lucid ivo
About to make another montage to this song. I’ll make sure to credit you
Get _Flicked
Pls make 1 hour version
Melvin Jessil
Over 100x the amount of dislike = the amount of likes
Fortnite family outrooooooo
Bad_boy222 Billy
Can u make a 1 hour version
Fratellu 1
yo bro this is sick my dude gratz too bad its not on spotify tho :)
Arian Saidi
Do you mind if I use this as My outro? I Will give credit
person 57
Not on spotify sadly
Christian Kitnæs
Dude this song is amazing when you are chilling in fortnite Save the World
Elite_ Godly_YT
Aye fortnite family where you at 🔥 🔥
Is this in Spotify
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[FREE] Young Thug Type [FREE] Travis Scott x Logic 1 day ago   03:27

[FREE] Young Thug Type Beat 2018 - "Sippin'" | Trap Instrumental 2018

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[FREE] Young Thug Type Beat 2018 - "Sippin'" | Trap Instrumental 2018