I Let My DOGS Walk Me For A DAY! | Pawzam I'll Buy WHATEVER You Can Spell! 3 months ago   10:02

PawZam Dogs
I let my dogs walk me for a day for today's challenge and it was hilarious! Rescue dogs Peanut and Blackjack walked their parents Matt and Rebecca Zamolo for 24 hours. The brothers (not twins) started their day going into the Dollar store and went searching for dog treats. Their favorite store was Petco where they sniffed for clues and hidden snacks. Walking to Starbucks meant they got a puppucino which is their favorite treat! Finally, Matt and Rebecca took the rescue dogs on a giant inflatable waterslide for the end of this 24 hour challenge. What fun challenge should these two senior dogs do next?

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I'll Buy WHATEVER You Can Spell! I Let My DOGS Walk Me For A DAY! | Pawzam 3 months ago   25:48

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