A Day in the Life of a Harvard Computer Science 성적우수 장학생이 말하는 A+ [스튜디오V] 5 months ago   12:24

John Fish
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I'm John Fish, and this video is a day in my life as a Harvard Computer Science student. I'm a freshman at Harvard college that makes videos, video essays, and vlogs about my life.

I'm about to launch into a pretty entrepreneurially focused summer--I've got a notebook coming as well as a clothing line (see links below). I'd love for you to join me.

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Luke (my roommate) has a channel too: https://up-tube.com/channel/HP0XoZ6CRbbmGeZVy8Tx-i3N

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thejohnfish

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John Fish
Growth books should be on Amazon in around 10 days. Be sure to be subscribed to https://goo.gl/31jEMe to get an email when they launch!
Payal Niyogy
Have you heard about PUBG?
Eduardo Zavala
*A Day Patagonia in the Amazon Life of a Support Me in Patreon Harvard Computer Flow Science Brilliant Student. So slick, I almost didn't notice the peddling.
Rosy Medina
When you're from Argentina and the first thing you see is that his shirt says "Patagonia" lol
Daniel Hunter
Amazing video dude
Kaleigh OMalley
Sham F
Where are all other students lol
Myasa Man
Finnish > Swedish
This comment section is really sad
muntasin billah samannay
can any student from any country get admit in harvard
Tianyi Guo
nine hours of sleep... that’s a lot
Notice that you like the great wave ;)
Alex Franklin
i wish i could be like this guy but at the same time i couldn't stand being around him
Imagine getting into a school like Harvard💀 can’t relate
Just got up to do my homework haha
Thoriq Muhammad
useful adv ive ever seen 😂
That One
1:06 Ok boo boo. We see you flexing your leather Gucci wallet.
That One
0:08 to be fair, I wake up two hours earlier than that every day just to go to public high school lol.
nikki mehar
I tired of looking at your face😪...
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성적우수 장학생이 말하는 A+ [스튜디오V] A Day in the Life of a Harvard Computer Science 5 months ago   07:26

"예습, 복습이요? 저희 과에서 한 명도 안 할껄요?"
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