The Spiders and the Bees Why Pi is Awesome (Vi Hart Rebuttal) 2 weeks ago   09:26

Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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Donald Trump
7:34 when you gf sees how small you are
Story time:
So my school has a lot of plants AS IN A LOT.... So after school me and my friends would hang out in the garden because we like throwing fruits at each other cause we were young dumb and in elementary 😎 then one day there was a bee and we all freaked out but then the bee landed on my leg and remember we were in elementary so we had shorts..... so i freaked out but i didn’t move and I was tearing because of the bee and I had never been stung before and I only knew that it hurt like sh*t cause of my cousin who was an idiot and hit a bee hive... so my friends were laughing and teasing me and saying move and you die..... And then I cried but still not moving cause im a fking pro 😎 and the upkeeps of the school heard me and came to the garden and saw the bee and they said stay still and then they took a news paper fold in a funnel shape like a tube and then scooped the bee with the end of the newspaper and let it fly the end
Loser2gacha Summer
R u going to make a viseo about winning mr. Beast's challange vid
Joseph Pickens
The daddy long legs is the most venomous spider in the country it just doesn't have big enough teeth
Dolly Freaky Face
I got stung by 7 bees at the same time also sometimes I still feel it
V Mac
I like some spiders
Tiger Purple
wait d webs can stop bullets or something but can’t trap us?
Ok ok ok.... so i was climbing a “mountain” COUGH COUGH HILL and I saw a bee. I was like ohhhh fu.... funions and then I walked slowly around it....

Someone told me it was a hornet. AAAAAAAAAA
Alexa Hoelterling
3:54 gottem
Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem
also there's a theory that suggests that using a smooth and slippery surface deinsentivises bees from smearing their antibiotic and protective wax all over their hive walls which they do in the wild....they need that protection....also #vaccinatebees
Dale Hunt
I have bee n ha little joke I have been stunned 15+ times
Candice Wallace
I've seen 24 brown recluses in my life
My friends freak out when they see bees but don’t when they see spiders..
I’m the opposite. Is that normal
Princess Jinerella
It just looks tingly, like I always imagine it crawling on me
Dani La Dona Valladares
Lucas de spider give a like to this video
7:31 - no one will know how fricking *TRUE* that is

Edit - By the way, I did that, still got stung
ItzWolfy 101
7:34 *holy frick.*
Jai Wallis
Me and my mate put all three of your suabway videos in our buiness presentation on subway.
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Why Pi is Awesome (Vi Hart Rebuttal) The Spiders and the Bees 2 weeks ago   07:48

Happy Pi day everyone! Go checkout Vi Hart's channel➤

She's made a 2016 version!! :O



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