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E3 Day 2 Wrap-Up: Hands-On W/ Ff7, Avengers, | Final Fantasy Vii Remake Battle - At Up-Tube.com

E3 Day 2 Wrap-Up: Hands-On w/ FF7, Avengers, Final Fantasy VII Remake Battle 2 days ago   45:37

Day 2 of E3! We've had a chance to get a hands-on with even more games in addition to seeing gameplay of Marvel's Avengers! Check out our impressions for Luigi's Mansion 3, Link's Awakening, Final Fantasy 7 Remake and even more!
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35:16 “cool now?” Ma boi Luigi was always badass!
Grandia HD cant wait i am so so so ready for it both my DC have a hard time working so i cant play 2 love the combat of it been at lest 7 years since the last time ive played it
Jon’s voice doesn’t match all at to his face lol
No way that’s that guys real voice. I refuse to believe it
Cav's Fighting Room
lol she sucks played games and make it sound like its the games fault....
Waji Hemisphere
Thanks for Grandia coverage !
matty timesup0
Luigi's mansion! Can't wait
Autumnal Blake
Why doesn't Amy get a shirt?
Thank you for the details on the Grandia remasters! Interesting to hear about the state a year ago and that they've put in work.
Johno Daz
Awesome stuff GX. Nice seeing the lovely Amy mixing it up with you guys :-D 👍. I've gotta say phenomenal coverage covering E3 this Year GX Team outstanding stuff and the Interviews with Bill n Suda 51 was fantastic.
Ortell wyatt
You guys sound like voice actors.
Would like to see Amy join in some discussions sometime, she seems to fit in with the crew perfectly.
Crize Twinzon
Anyone else sitting there thinking “Amy seems like such a sweet person” She’s so bubbly I love it
Abaddon Drums
As I've said in the previous video, the biggest issue GungHo needs to fix with first Grandia are the missing sound effects. Everything else, like the sprites filtering may rub some people the wrong way but it's not a game breaker. Sound issues are and they need to know this. I encourage people to write to GungHo to point to this issue, if they say they want to do this correctly, we may have to wait some more but that's okay I think if that means getting a better game.
Lego seems to have done a better job at Avengers? Not exactly sure if that should surprise me, but it does...
scorchM Music
Derek: trying to do the intro
I like that little Link keychain.
I like that little Link keychain.
Ashton Chen
I love you guys but I wish you would talk more than just something being too intuitive or too dumbed down. Usually games develop an intuitive system and there is a learning curve to complex games..
doesnt hulk kill people in his PS2 game?
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Final Fantasy VII Remake Battle E3 Day 2 Wrap-Up: Hands-On w/ FF7, Avengers, 2 days ago   05:00

We break down the new real-time combat mechanics of the FFVII remake.

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