5 Days Of Learning How To Live Longer 5 Days Of Living On A $50 Budget | Try Living 2 days ago   16:13

This week on Try Living With Lucie, our host, Lucie Fink tries living like people who live in the "Blue Zones" of the world. Their lifestyles enable them to live longer and Lucie adopts those habits to improve her longevity. Press play to learn how to live longer!

Try Living With Lucie follows our favorite R29 millennial, Lucie Fink, as she dives headfirst into social experiments — five days at a time. From a week without sugar to full-blown street performing; there is nothing she won't try!

Refinery29 is a modern woman's destination for how to live a stylish, well-rounded life.

5 Days Of Becoming More Organized
5 Days Of Meal Prep
5 Days Of A Capsule Wardrobe

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What do you think the key to living longer is? Share your beliefs with us below!
Sarah B
I love settlers of catan! It is our family's favourite game, we have been playing for over a decade!
Hannah Richards
Life Purpose:

Help as many people I can possibly can
Mel Sayah
Omg can we do 5 days of learning how to sing
Maya The Maker
We play Catan as well 😊😊
Megan's world
I actually want to try this
Dorothea Peach
Ivy Yanhua Lu
The key to living longer: be happy
Bridget Karp
Really enjoyed this video--very interesting information on the blue zones and learned a few things I can do too! Love the new hair, and Settlers is so fun! My purpose is to help others, especially through providing speech therapy services. Thanks for this video!
Brutally Honest
Ikigai - similar lessons we can learn!
Summer Ghani
omg you should do 5 days of rice water since you want your hair longer for your wedding!!! it is supposed to grow your hair 2-6 inches in one week!!
Gacha Films 101
This isn’t relevant to the video but on your 5 days of adulting you asked of ideas to help you as an adult or something the lines of that and I thought to mention that you should try slightly rearranging a room with the decoration in it,for example-every time I clean or straighten my room,I might redo my mantal,put a new fan pull,etc...I’m just suggesting this though,love your videos💗
Oriana Nucete
Loving your hair! So beautiful
Rabia Emily S.
Next try, 'Five days of sports' where you try different sports everyday, or for example try living like a proffessional tennis player. :)
Brandon Miranda
I actually lived near Loma Linda my whole life, also I’m seventh-day Adventist.
Christumi 1
5 days of different languages!
Triene Trienest
Hi Lucie, this is my idea for 5 days:
Different eating cultures: maybe China, France, Germany, Mexico, England...

Love Kathi
Amani Salahudeen
I missed this series !
Chaei Min
I don't know if you've done this already but 5 days of juice cleanse would be cool! 🐣💕
Maria Alejandra Suarez Vargas
This is simply the most amazing series on YouTube EVEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!
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5 Days Of Living On A $50 Budget | Try Living 5 Days Of Learning How To Live Longer 2 days ago   04:41

Are you more of a pro-budget person or a NO-budget person? This week, we gave Lucie Fink a $50 bill and then left her to do her thing - follow along as she discovers what it really means to be on a spending budget.

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