The Hike To The TWA Flight 260 Crash Site 4 months ago   09:48

Alexander Thickstun
In this video, I document my hike to the remains of TWA Flight 260 with Boy Scout Troop 166. You'll see how we come across a rattlesnake, almost get rained out, and eventually complete an 11 mile round trip to the crash site.

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Broderick Bassett
Just 40 feet short,how sad.
An experience that the boys will remember the rest of their lives.
Do they receive a Medal for Outdoor Achievement for this hike and adventure?
This plane went down due to a failed Flux Capacitor, whoops, I mean a fluxgate compass.....
QUESTION: What was YOUR protocol if one or more of the hikers were bitten by that rattlesnake? You can't hike once bitten. Rattlesnake docs say the first thing to do is back away from the snake and be still waiting for help to come. But up there. What was YOUR plan? No plan = poor outcome.
Ojo Felix NM
Much easier to drop down from Kiwanis hut. Little more difficult hiking back up. My brother and I did it one summer afternoon in 1966.I remember this accident very well as we lived on the east mesa and there wasn't much development beyond Wyoming . Juan Tabo was the only access to the north end of the Sandias and was not paved. I recall that darkness overtook several groups high up on the west face and a WWII searchlight was set up off of Juan Tabo to aid them.
barry rudge
An interesting objective to keep 15 yr old boys interested in such a gruelling hike and perhaps in the future a better camp site could be on the agenda.
Sandia Peak, Albuquerque, NM
Clark Darden
Where's the tram going to/coming from?
Derek Peterson
You should have used some dramatic music in the background
The bodies were recovered by volunteers from the ABQ rock climbing community, there was no organized Search And Rescue at that time.
This event led to the establishment (by a subgroup of that community) of the ABQ Search And Rescue entities, in particular the ABQ Mountain Rescue Council.
This is a tricky hike to find the wreckage - at one juncture, another route is enticing, and leads to a 600-ft cliff dead end .
Numerous people have been injured climbing that, to see if they could find the wreckage up there (where, of course, it is not).

Notably, there was not GPS during most of that timeframe, it is easier to stay on track now with the devices available.

I was a stalwart SAR volunteer there 1993 - 1998, participated in many rescue (and some recovery) missions there. Ranges from 6500 - 10,678 feet altitude.
Good video. Glad you spotted that snake before it got upset.
Just Another Pansexual
Is your troop (Troop 166) from Lakewood, CO?
Phil Anderson
Great job putting this together.
Whats your mix settings for the Zoom iq6?
Very well done.I've hiked that canyon a few times but never made it that far.. I'm surprised at the amount of wreckage that is still there!!
Hans Landa
Hoooooly moooooly! Plane crash, oldschool style.
Jesus Alvarez
Nice use of the interstellar soundtrack!!
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The Hike To The TWA Flight 260 Crash Site 4 months ago   01:52