How to Spot a dealership scam when 5 months ago   13:06

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Chevy Dude
WOW, over 2 MILLION views. Thanks, everyone for the GREAT comments on this video.

Many people have made comments to regards of me showing our sticker we had on our two trucks on the showroom floor. What I cut out of the video during the editing process is that these trucks are for purposes to showcase what you can do with your truck if YOU SO CHOSE to. Out of the over 200 Silverados my dealership has in stock. These are the only 2 we have. At the time of writing this message. We don’t have ANY on the showroom floor or any cars with these stickers on them. ( we sold them and will rebuild the trucks for full transparency). These aren't rip-offs. Many people choose to accessorize their trucks. With dealers working on less than a 2% margin. Accessories do help to turn a profit. Providing they are ETHICAL accessories. My Dealership doesn't sell anything other than accessories with GM part numbers.

Enough of that I could make MANY more comments but want to stay on topic to help people NOT GET SCAMMED by car dealers. There are MANY ethical car dealers in this county. Far more good ones than bad ones.

Thank you again for the views, love, and great comments. Make sure you subscribe to the channel. 2019 is going to be a GREAT year!

Chevy Dude
Baldemar Castillo
Your car video negotiation sound like a scam
You know what is a car dealer scam? A dealer taking in a used zr1 on trade and selling it for msrp. Oh wait that Bachman Chevy. Lol
rodger rain
The amount of ads for your video make YOU look shady.
Raymond Anglen
Great tips.
Craig Moakley
Blaze Alexander in Pennsylvania does all of that
stogie aficionado
Scam is charging $3000 for $4000 dollar wheels that triple with interest during the life of the finance and worse if you lease because you paid for something that the next person will own and he gets charge a second time.
Thomas McRedmond
Geez.. get to it...blah blah
Dallas Barker
Wow a lot of rude people in the comments. Thanks for your videos !
Im new to your videos. I like what im seeing thus far.
Quick question... your audio is great...what wireless microphone do you use when recording your vidz when you’re staying away from the camera?
Stan Long
He talks about add on stickers.
The biggest ripoff in car buying can't be viewed until we have to do our part for the viewing of it.
This guy has the same pitch in his talk like the guy down at the corner used car lot.
Greg Nixon
Best way to avoid getting ripped off by a car dealership is to never, ever go to one.
Daniel Taylor
Say NO to a full size truck with 4 cylinder engine. For the last 50 years there have been no FULL SIZE trucks with less than 4.0L. GM started using the 4.3 in V-6 and dodge used a 4.7. Ford did it too. Don't do it. You are asking a child to do a man's work. Pushing these tiny engines this hard always wear out early or causes things (turbos, injectors) to break and destroy the engine. Don't do it. Just my opinion to the Eco-boost bullsh^t and GM lies! Ask a diesel engine owner about all of unreasonable maintenance cost.
jesse montgomery
What's your take on building a new 2019 Silverado at the dealership?
don henhawke
So are you admitting that your dealership is engaging in scams?
Brad P
Chevyguy interrupted by a Ford commercial.
Norman Rhone
How does he get hold of so many scam window stickers????
Rene Nunez
Too many ads
David Arford
eXspecially ?
Coworker at 6:13 playing peek-a-boo at 6:17 🤣
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How to Spot a dealership scam when 5 months ago   01:05