How to Spot a dealership scam when 2019 RAM 1500 Laramie Review 1 day ago   13:06

Chevy Dude
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Chevy Dude
WOW, over 2 MILLION views. Thanks, everyone for the GREAT comments on this video.

Many people have made comments to regards of me showing our sticker we had on our two trucks on the showroom floor. What I cut out of the video during the editing process is that these trucks are for purposes to showcase what you can do with your truck if YOU SO CHOSE to. Out of the over 200 Silverados my dealership has in stock. These are the only 2 we have. At the time of writing this message. We don’t have ANY on the showroom floor or any cars with these stickers on them. ( we sold them and will rebuild the trucks for full transparency). These aren't rip-offs. Many people choose to accessorize their trucks. With dealers working on less than a 2% margin. Accessories do help to turn a profit. Providing they are ETHICAL accessories. My Dealership doesn't sell anything other than accessories with GM part numbers.

Enough of that I could make MANY more comments but want to stay on topic to help people NOT GET SCAMMED by car dealers. There are MANY ethical car dealers in this county. Far more good ones than bad ones.

Thank you again for the views, love, and great comments. Make sure you subscribe to the channel. 2019 is going to be a GREAT year!

Chevy Dude
Steve Dunch
Dude.... slow down, swallow.. and breathe.... I am ready to throw up with the sound of spit soaked marbles ..
Aytac Ercen
How much does your dealership charge for DEALER HANDLING?
Randy Desrochers
Good scam job.
Devious Junkee
Pretty stand up guy. Even though youre trying to drum up business for your dealership saying "Pick me, pick me, I'm not like the other sales guys im different" Car lots are all about being personal. Making you feel like a buddy not a buyer.
Carl Smith
I tried to purchase a 2017 Sierra and up graded the wheels and tires, and after looking at my contract, I had the stock one on it for $3499.00 + $3200 on it for the up grade, so I called them up and said just put the stock wheels and tires in the bed, so when I pick up the truck. So two days later it was ready, I got there and no rim and tires were in the bed. So They said they needed to print up a whole new contract for me to sign without the $3499+ taxes on it no sorry no nothing, I told them to kiss my ass I refused to sign, they were so pissed off but hay they tried to rip me off. You can only imagine how many never catch that little trick. Now I'm back in my old 2000 Ford F-250 300k miles and counting, Thanks GMC for saving me over $50,000.
Zeek M
I wouldn't support a narcissist jerk like you under any circumstance.
In fact if SHTF, they'll be lookin to kill you.
The primary reason is you're a big guy and that takes more resources.
I'm not sayin your information was worthless.
Bar Mar
Could you possibly be anymore annoying????????????????????????
Gaming On Adderall
Plot twist: this is a scam
Dealer scam is car on lot. 1st new cars depreciate by day. Not month. So if you wait until next summer to buy a 2019. You get 20k off.
Dallas Dozier
The biggest scam is Chevy
Cary R.
Lol I got the Data Dot scam tried at a dealership in Charlotte NC a few years ago. I ended up getting the salesman to admit it was bullshit and didn’t get charged for it.
Eddie James
Another dealership scam that he did not mention is when you go to trade in your car, the dealership will try to give you much less money for your trade in than what it's actually worth. Always research your cars actual value on to determine the actual TRADE IN (NOT RETAIL) value of your car so that when you go into the dealership you already know what your car is actually worth. If they want to argue and make B.S. excuses, simply WALK OUT IMMEDIATELY. Also, walk out if they have one or more people come in at the same time and start talking to you non stop. They use this tactic so that you can't think for yourself and at the same time they are trying to intimidate you into signing the paperwork. Not all dealerships do this, but there are some that do.
What about magic unicorn marshmallow in your lucky charms, betcha cant go without those!
Michael Braun
Addenda, not addendums... please. Thanks for exposing the ripoffs though :-)
First Last
My dad used to buy a new Chevy every two years, he would wait until there was a sale being advertized in the paper and then trade in his old one. He insisted on getting all the 'dealer options' every time, including the $299 scented green pine tree card that hung from the center rearview mirror.
Buying a Chevy is a scam in itself.
Joan Pashinsky-Greve
Hi can you make a bait car video
here is a HUGE scam dealers are guilty of. if you have ever heard of the KARR alarm systems, the ones under the drivers side dash board with the flashing light. well the chip is just an LED lamp with a resistor built in. the chip is easily removed from one vehicle to the next. well here is what many dealers like to do . they will remove the chip on trade in and put it in a baggy and reseal the bag. they claim this alarm costs $800.00+. IN FACT this alarm retails for about $150.00. now when the next sucker comes along and wants this alarm on the used car the dealers charge them $800.00 AGAIN. pretty slick huh?? there is no proof that the alarm was activated, or put into service with prior owner.
as for those little tags on the doors.and hoods. SOME, not all, manufacturers now install them in the factory to help dealers determine if the vehicle has been in an accident. as they are ONLY applied at the factory with the manufacturer logo and vin number. at least on my korean car they are. if they do not have the manufacturer logo on them and the vin they are dealer add ons.
as for the rip off sticker. you DO have the right to ask the dealer to remove mudflaps seat covers floor mats trunk liners and so on and dealer MUST adjust the price.
interior protection is also easy to do and CHEAP for about $20.00. vacuum car thoroughly remove all spot stains that you can and apply a can of scotch guard. remember to follow instructions on can.
How to spot a dealership scam? Open your eyes.
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2019 RAM 1500 Laramie Review How to Spot a dealership scam when 1 day ago   07:05

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