How to Spot a dealership scam when 2 months ago   13:06

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Chevy Dude
WOW, over 2 MILLION views. Thanks, everyone for the GREAT comments on this video.

Many people have made comments to regards of me showing our sticker we had on our two trucks on the showroom floor. What I cut out of the video during the editing process is that these trucks are for purposes to showcase what you can do with your truck if YOU SO CHOSE to. Out of the over 200 Silverados my dealership has in stock. These are the only 2 we have. At the time of writing this message. We don’t have ANY on the showroom floor or any cars with these stickers on them. ( we sold them and will rebuild the trucks for full transparency). These aren't rip-offs. Many people choose to accessorize their trucks. With dealers working on less than a 2% margin. Accessories do help to turn a profit. Providing they are ETHICAL accessories. My Dealership doesn't sell anything other than accessories with GM part numbers.

Enough of that I could make MANY more comments but want to stay on topic to help people NOT GET SCAMMED by car dealers. There are MANY ethical car dealers in this county. Far more good ones than bad ones.

Thank you again for the views, love, and great comments. Make sure you subscribe to the channel. 2019 is going to be a GREAT year!

Chevy Dude
Mic Viz
after you got your 60K views and 1k thumbs up...Where's the scam that most dealership uses??

Promises promises....I got scammed on the promise!
Did Chevy Dude mention that you demand the extras to be removed because you are not paying for them? Bought 5 new trucks and no way in hell was I paying for things like lame ass pin striping (I like nice painted pin striping)...Also do you think they actually remove the items before u take delivery??? No, so you end up with the extras anyway...Last one I bought they got smart and used spray on bedliner so I had to pay for it since it technically could not be removed....Also I did not pay DOC fees or document fees...absolutely stupid to charge me for doing the paper work, if you DO NOT do the paper work- YOU DONT SELL THE CAR. That's part of doing business...what a scam....
Starcloak Starside
Serious. How to spot a scam when buying any new vehicle:
Is that a period pad on the grill? Yup, that’s a scam.
Doug Mammaro
I used to work at Frontier Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep-FIAT here in Lubbock, Texas & we put these on cars or some cars. When a shipment of cars came in a select few cars would be driven to a tint dealer & then a new car customer gets stuck paying for tinted windows. Yes I agree this is a rip off or scam.
i see you peaking over the hood hahahaha
i would literally hate to work with this guy
Mike Forrest
This dude sound like salesman
joshua medina
Wow FORD never scams people they dont need too money team man he needs to switch teams asap ford is where the money is at no scam needed
go to 6:17 for a lol
Cliedo Cladidahopper
finally a dealership that takes pride in the product and not the so called extras it would be nice for a fixed income and knowing the true relationship between the dealer and service the service is what makes the customer come back i still own 2 2004 vehicles which we have maintained through the dealership, now our vehicals are like non monitary sorry for the spelling looking for the veichal that fits my style
Wayne Snow
I was going to buy a car from a Chrysler dealership when the salesman jacked up the price for fog lights when it all ready had them , the price was$200 for the lights, I told him give me a Jeep without the lights, he said if he takes them off it will be more. I got up out of my chair and said good buy, he keept saying all the way to the door I was stupid for not buying the Jeep, I told him I'm going to another dealership and no I'm not buying anything from a dealership that says I'm stupid. I went to another dealership and paid $ 1,000 less for the same Jeep. I hate dealership. Just saying
Patrick Maloney
It's a trick question. They're all scams.
Dennis Svitak
This guys' dealership has these aftermarket stickers, but these are legit..everyone else's is a ripoff. Sure.
You know who gets screwed the most on this stuff..the lenders
These wheels are 4k dollars, you get a 1k credit and we only charge you 3k for them! Then we sell the other set of rims you paid for to some other sucker, er valued customer. I still like your vid though. My brother in law worked from sales to finance manager. You've only touched the tip of the iceberg Chevy Dude with a FORD shaped logo. /wink
Dave Felber
I’m guessing Doc fee ripoff
Rudy Serna
You’re in the car business? Then why do you slam others from making money? You’re not doing anything good for our industry that is already tanking downward. You’re hurting yourself and others, and I bet you average 1k a copy.
John Boy
Having a brother that was a shop manager and a sister in law that was a sales person, count on being screwed as soon as you start talking to a sales rep. They do this for money, not to help their fellow human being. Honesty has never been the credo of any salesman ever. New cars and trucks are overpriced pieces of plastic and alum. Designed to be discarded, not repaired, nor last past your last payment. They have become over teched and models change so fast the Tech people, notice I didnt say mechanic, cant keep up. There ARE good used cars and trucks out there, but you will have to dig for them. Yes, its easier to just go to a dealership and pick out a pretty one. Convenience costs! Think about it, ANYTHING from a convenience store costs more, there is your first clue. If its easy and to good to be true, IT IS.
legoguy2019 1
As a detailer from a car lot when you put your hand on that window I really just got flustered like I just cleaned that
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