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The Inside Crew Reacts To Kawhi | Philadelphia Sixers Vs Toronto Raptors - At Up-Tube.com

The Inside Crew Reacts to Kawhi Philadelphia Sixers vs Toronto Raptors 10 months ago   07:53

Shaq, Chuck, Kenny and Ernie react as Kawhi Leonard sends the Toronto Raptors to the ECF with an incredible shot at the buzzer.

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Comments 1029 Comments

tyler martino
being a sixers fan and watching this at 2am = sad boy hours
Steve Cormier
Excuses. Just admit raptors are a better team
Grime is Alive
wow watching this back you realise how much they under appreciated the value of Kawhi Leonaid...
Nelson Bermudez
Looks like he travelled when he got the ball.
Eric Andreen
Charles Shaqs trying to tell you how to win a ring
Jason Popp
That was a kobe shot
When your team's 7-footer is taking 3s, you know you are in trouble.
Chills still
2020 anyone? Where's my Canadians at 🇨🇦
donald paluga
That's why we have a ring and you don't, Chuck-The North #WeTheChamps
I will tell my grand kids about this and they will tell there’s about is years later
Tyr Loki
Sam Welsh
I like that it wasn't a 3 pointer
If the coach review option was in effect here, it would be called a travel but I like that Toronto won anyway
I’m still watching this in December.
pramey tripathi
2:28 I've seen that before he took the last 20 shots 😆😆
Kevin Joss
An incredible shot, Embiid nearly lands on a set of towels (3:05), left on the floor by the girl watching the shot.WE THE NORTH
Michelle Qureshi
2040: Ok kids open your history textbooks (Kawhi Leonard)
Kicks1981 35
So glad nba dont have fiba rules
Zhongyi Ding
That shot is incredible....!
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Philadelphia Sixers vs Toronto Raptors The Inside Crew Reacts to Kawhi 10 months ago   13:17

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Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia Sixers 76ers - Game 7 - Full Game Highlights | May 12, 2019 | 2019 NBA Playoffs Western Eastern Conference Semifinals

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