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Tavin's Origami Instructions
How to fold a neat Car from one sheet of Paper.
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My Website: http://www.tavinsorigami.com
This intermidate Car design is an original by me. I designed it as a challenge while car-pooling.

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EpicDude Gaming
Raj gaming
It is a van
Alex Wang
can you plz do more minecraft origami
Alex Wang
woah . . . this is so cool
Yeah everything except everything ok
Kelly Brasda
thank you for actually speaking in your videos! It makes things so much easier than silent origami videos.
igave up at the bumper part xD
Brockers Bhutta
Goooooood job
Aditya Verma
subbed and liked
Alexandra Langdon
where do you get 10 inch kaim
Aluel Ngom
I was good up until 11:12 when you started going too fast and explained less clearly but it was cool
Daniel Titeica
nice ideea!Bad explanasion
Aleksandr Mandryka
Nikola Puzic
alberto dorad
He conseguido un pintalabios genial
Gerson Viana
a matthew mijares e feia
jimmy Ton
what happen to the diagrams!!!!!!!!!!! at the right cornor!
braian corna matias
lindisimo me encantó
braian corna matias
cambia la camara de lugar
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Origami house :: Casita -Instructions Origami Car 3 months ago   07:41

December 2015 **See updated and improved video** for this house at
https://up-tube.com/upvideo/wgAi2A8PIlj NUEVO video con SUBTITULOS para esta casa.
Instrucctions to fold an origami little house. Instrucciones para plegar una casita de origami. Designed by Roman Diaz. Demonstrated here with his permission, by Leyla Torres.

• Origami House. Video tutorial on How to Fold a small origami house.
• For more ideas visit blog posts at Origami Spirit: http://www.origamispirit.com/?p=2776

Instrucctions para doblar una pequeña casa de origami. INSTRUCCIONES párrafo plegar Una casita de origami. Diseñado por Román Díaz. Demostrado aquí con su permiso, por Leyla Torres.

• Una casita en origami. Video con el paso a paso para plegar una casita.
• Para más ideas visita la entrada del blog en Origami Spirit: http://www.origamispirit.com/?p=2780