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Hollywood Reacts To Donald Trump | Gutfeld: Celebrity Has-Beens' Trump - At Up-Tube.com

Hollywood Reacts To Donald Trump Gutfeld: Celebrity has-beens' Trump 1 day ago   03:47

ET Canada
A stunned Hollywood reacts negatively to Donald Trump's shocking win as Snoop Dogg calls Toronto "his new home."

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Comments 4146 Comments

John Murphy
Just goes to show you... Nobody gives a flying fuck about what celebrities and Hollywood fucks think...
All these celebrities lost with Hilary. Thats why they hate Trump so much. Hilary didn’t lose. They lost. Each one of those dummies celebrities think that they had it in the bag because they are famous. They just proved themselves LOSERS. I will never ever support anything they do.
Nobody DESERVES to be President.
Joseph Baker
katty pery is a moron prove me wrong.
Infamous Selv 1er
"the revolution is coming" -katy perry 😂😂😂
Kuma Furbolg
"Stand behind you president" continues to attack him. Every.godamn.day
Hollywood=Hoes Mad
I don't agree with everything regarding Trump. But I think America would have been fucked if Hillary won.
Frank Baine
So it's been 3 years in Losertown, leftards and NONE of you oily sphincter snakes has slithered up to Canuckdia like you PROMISED YOU WOULD. You're as worthless and irrelevant as we knew you and all your money and ignorance would be.
Larry Dye
This video just proves that the Democrats were all ready to give you the same old song and dance.
I got to the snowflake crying video sights to laugh.
Mark Farrell
Mecha Zord
This ought to be in the history books
The Handsome Supreme Lord Emperor Donald J Trump
*All the Hollywood stars still here! They promised to leave the country if Trump wins? They must keep their promise!*
Agsam Abakar
When a sworn enemy applauds you for choosing an orange over an apple you should know you made the wrong choice.
I voted for Hillary in 2016 and was a Liberal. Since then, my opinions havent changed but Society has. The Far Left has reacted to Trumps win by becoming hundreds of times more radical. This is one vote that used to be blue, that is now probably red all because of SJWs. Ive realized that Im evidence that their Method of hating and cancelling everybody is working to do the exact opposite of what they want. If Trump won in 2016 when the PC wasnt nearly as bad as now. What do you think is gonna happen in 2020?
Trump 2020 baby!!!!
Becky Clapp
We need to not be complacent and get out and vote for Trump in 2020!!🇺🇸🇺🇸
Pawtucket Patriot 19
Love watching these mindless Hollywood cocksuckers cry.
Schindelay playing
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Gutfeld: Celebrity has-beens' Trump Hollywood Reacts To Donald Trump 1 day ago   10:33

It's impossible to live up to their apocalyptic predictions