Tetris TETRIS 99 - INSANE 20 KILL CLUTCH 2 weeks ago   05:38

Join me next time when we talk about Cactus.

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Takehisa Yoshitake
Never ever buy Tetris ultimate.
2:14 Had me at the first half not gonna lie
kevin spacey definitely had a secret
Chandler Osborn
Wasn't that the guy from 3rd bass at 3:14
Raisin Bagelz
You forgot about Porntris!!!
But Dundo the music changes if you survive into the top fifty or top ten.

...uh ohhhhhhhhh
Peter Thor
Tetris was my shit in high school. After I got done with my accounting work for the day, too make myself look like I'm still working, I played the marathon mode till lvl 15.
Ryan Jonsun
Dunkey, I've tried to replicate your amazingness on my channel; however, not quite sure I fully captured your spirit. Let me know what you think. Much love, Ryry.
0:10 ff5 music? this gonna b a good video
Tetris makes you go on your phone

And play Tetris on your IPad or phone
Marcel Lara
Dat yoshi’s island remix at the end tho
Guillermo José Paul
3:44 I own a hard copy of The Next Tetris
Just Some Skeleton
I thought this video was a joke until I googled Faces...tris III. God is real, this proves it.
I've watched this video at least 3 times a day ever since it released hahaha
Ryley Marshall
thought this was a joke at first
No mention of Tetris Plus? Come on, Dunkey. You moved the tetris pieces to save an archeologist. Never before that moment were the stakes ever so high. It was a life or death situation.
Dunkey do a board game review
Capt. Sum Ting Wong
Did dunklin just drop a 911 joke lmao
I'm disappointed Not Tetris wasn't in this video
Shakir Munik
So basically.....Tetris
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TETRIS 99 - INSANE 20 KILL CLUTCH Tetris 2 weeks ago   08:21

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