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Reading Assumptions About Me | Addressing The Rumors... *reading Your - At Up-Tube.com

Reading assumptions about me Addressing The Rumors... *Reading Your 2 months ago   18:02

Today I read your assumptions about me & comment on them!

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Johnny Espinal
My assumption is that you’re a gorgeous sensual young goddess from head to those soft toes 😍😍😍🔥
Oriana Gomez
Love this girl so freaking much. She is so real and so positive. I feel so much like her sometimes. Watching her videos sometimes it’s like watching myself talk. Wish Katy would be my best friend. Loved this video and how you reacted and addressed everything
Jan Francis
I think you are a good friend and a good daughter and sister.
Linda Uribe
Katy I was one of the people that loves the way you are so respond some time to us. I worked for PSA an airlines of the past and did some modeling then Banking.Married a cop and he was a detective and he just passed away after 38 years of a romantic happy marriage.I am at the other end of the spectrum.Stay the way you are but do not trust all people.
Lily Hutchinson
you are so real and i absolutely love that about you. i found your podcast today and i listened to 3 podcasts while studying for my finals. then, i found your youtube! your outlook on life is so down to earth and real and i absolutely love that. i feel like i see a little of myself in you. there's no filter on your life and i feel like a lot of people can relate to you and your stories, good or bad. thanks for being an inspiration to me in just 5 hours and i can't wait to watch more and more of your videos. love, lil Xx
I remember watching you in high school (about the same age) and this video came into my recommended list and I decided to watch it....to be honest you’re not relatable anymore and this whole move to nyc to become Carrie Bradshaw is so disingenuous. I have lived in nyc my whole life and just have seen ppl of your privilege come in just take in nyc as their own and that’s not the reality. It’s a whole romanticized facade for kids from bumblefuck that have money to come here. As a YouTuber with a following you need to make it clear that you’re nyc lifestyle is attainable bc of your privilege. It’s a social responsibility. Ppl come here and don’t make it, so please keep that in mind when you promote west village living, bottomless brunches, and the perfect life after graduation. Bc most likely ppl did not have the same means as you do to afford it.
Emily Wells
fucked up you think you feel like your body is "gross". IT'S NOT!!!!
Michelle Marie
I know she works at loreal but whats her second job?
Kaitlyn Whitaker
You are an absolute beauty. ❤️ So many people would LOVE to have your body... you’re stunning! Inside and out.
Makayla -S
I haven't even finished the video yet and have so much respect for you. You speak so much truth and give so much content that is real. You create videos that make people realize that we aren't the only ones with insecurities, and flaws. We should be proud to express them. Thank you Katy, thank you thank you thank you
Kathleen Castrejon
You’re amazing !
Veronica Marie
I love this side of you so much, so real and so chill. Good for you Katy, rock on
Rachel Denton
Great video Katy, really love and appreciate the honesty. So genuine and can definitely relate
You should do best and worst purchases of your 20s!
tofunmi lawson
this is sooo relatable! you're great katy
Wow I’ve watched a lot of these and I’m shocked at how negative all the comments you received are. Maybe you just chose the negative ones(?) but please take a break and do what’s best for you if you need :(
lilia ً
i feel like i’m listening to thick & thin in this video i love it and also i love u katy! ❤️
Natallie Travers
I recently moved to Manhattan and I gotta say I think a lot of people romanticize their lives when they live in Manhattan so I definitely think thats common. that being said romanticizing you're life and loving you're life is so healthy and happy like yaaas girl love your life!
digital mimi
It blows my mind that you think you're the fat friend. Not to be hateful, because I know how society can be. But trust me girl, if you were really "fat" in our society, you'd feel it not just inside but also from the way other people treat you.
you were so refreshingly honest here and i'm here for it
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Addressing The Rumors... *Reading Your Reading assumptions about me 2 months ago   26:34

Today I'm reading your assumptions you have about me that you submitted on Instagram! Get to know me a bit better while I spill some tea about myself! Let's goooo!

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