Heat (1995) - The Coffee Shop Scarface - Cast Reunion & Party 9 months ago   05:58

Writer/director Michael Mann, and actors Robert De Niro and Al Pacino at the Academy Event “Heat (1995)” on September 7, 2016 at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

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Gerardo Hernandez
There’s a flip side to that coin...
All Access Construction
Ramakrishna Appicharla
Like a dream come true...
Actors are so mundane out of character
knight fox
I want 3 hours of my life back the ending fucked the whole movie
Cesar A Bosetti
It's amazing to see Christopher Nolan moderating the talk. Very good job.
Debbie Razavi
"But I will not hestitate, not for a second."
Party Artie
"She's got a *GREAT ASS!!!* and you got your head all the way up it"
Viva Hate
I am not liyer but i saw heat defintley over 900 Time
Goddard Bolt
The Ketchup bottle should be in a Museum.
Jonathan Acosta Sarmiento
The top of the cream
Lolke Van de Witte
One of the great filmquotes: “brother, You are goïng down....”
Paul Kretz
*It's fun this interview lasts pretty much as long as the scene itself =)*
Ending De Niro is so blatantly quiet with this twenty last years dismaying career. If only he could have stopped at the dawn of the 2000's or have made so much better choiced instead of Last Vegas, Malavita or Little Fuckers.. the glorious assumed self-destruction of a legend furthermore built as an industry. Pacino is highly lofty and really praiseworthy.
Heat is an exceptional movie.
People should fuck up about the coffee shop scene. Their best scene together in the movie was the last scene of the movie.
حسين الخالدي
Breezy Mink
It’s funny to me that many of the best movies in history have either DeNiro, Pacino, or both.
That hand on the back of the neck at 02:07...ppl got themselves killed for a lot less.
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Scarface - Cast Reunion & Party Heat (1995) - The Coffee Shop 9 months ago   03:54

Stars Al Pacino, Steven Bauer, Robert Loggia, F. Murray Abraham and producer Martin Bregman celebrated the worldwide Blu-ray release of SCARFACE at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles on August 23, 2011. The evening also included a special performance by Ludacris, cuisine by Border Grill chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger and a special Scarface-themed Ciroc lounge.