Most Amazing Long Shot Real Madrid Top 50 Goals Ever 1 year ago   11:05

Most Amazing Long Shot Goals In Football

Most Amazing Solo Goals In Football

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Free Kicks and Volley Goals are not included , i will make a video about volley goals soon !
a melånocetø
Seedorf still the best long shot goal
Gerardo Gonzalez
Nunca quizás vuelva a ver un jugador como ronaldiño ese toque de majia ya no se ve
This is how I score goals in dream league soccer with my custom player with everything 100
chop chop
Wayne rooneys goal? Ibrahimovics long bycicle kick?
Kaua Kotlo
What is the name of the song. It starts at 6:17
Abel Jiji Mathew
this list is just gerrard and ronaldo to be honest
WeSpeakParaguay lol
Best commentary 3:14
Danav Singh
Who scored the longest!!!
Sacdiyo She Cumar
xabi alonso
Strango florin ioan
Hagi is king...
Strango florin ioan
Class is permanent
Aswinonyis Law
CSA network
Please look to my canel
I'm waiting for the likes and comments
Emanuelson from Ajax. His goal against az.
Zlatan (Bicycle Kick) & Diego?
domingo vital
Gerrard had a unique volley. Majestic👍
Abdikafar farah
the goalie had nightmares of xabi alonso haha
j w
Just from outside the box aren't long shots by a long shot
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Real Madrid Top 50 Goals Ever Most Amazing Long Shot 1 year ago   10:02

greatest goals ever scored by real madrid