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Teslanomics with Ben Sullins
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// Notes
Trucks outsell every other type of vehicle in the US by far and have done so since 2013. In 2018 light trucks outsold cars 2 to 1 in the US with just under 12M sold with a gap that appears to be widening.

Of those, the Ford F-Series is by far the most selling truck in the USA with over 900,000 sold in 2018 which is nearly double the next best selling truck, the Chevy Silverado

And the way Tesla works is they always come out swinging when they make a new vehicle

Remember the Semi? They could have made a simple small delivery van, but no they came out with a class 8 truck capable of towing more than any other vehicle on the road
And even the Model S - the first Sedan came out and became the best selling luxury Sedan due to its incredible features

So it makes sense that Tesla is going to come out with a truck that competes directly with the F150

But there's also Rivian who already is taking reservations and just recently raised $700M in funding led by Amazon
So we sort of have a Bezos versus Musk thing going on here
But in reality it's everyone against Ford in this space, even Chevy is miles behind them when it comes to annual sales volume

So let's see how these stack up...

First, let's see Rivian since we have actual specs from them...
Rivian specs

400 mile range
11,000lb towing capacity
1763lb payload
160 kW charging via CCS
14,000nm torque, not sure what that will mean for actual lb-ft

Extra cool features the gear tunnel, frunk and fold down rear gate, built in air compressor and power outlets in bed

Taking deliveries now with arrivals expected late next year in 2020
And now let's see how that compares to the Ford F150
F150 specs

410 lb-ft
12,000lb towing
3,000lb payload
price from 28K to 67K
Range of up to 570mi

Also equipped with some cool features:

backup assist,
driver assist kinda like tesla auto-pilot
in-vehicle wifi
built-in Alexa
and waze integration

Of course, can go buy this now and get it within days or weeks at worst

And lastly, let's bring in Tesla. Now we don't actually have the specs for this truck yet but Elon has shared a lot online and talked about it several times on interviews, so these aren't made up but do take them with a grain of salt as the actual specs are likely to differ once they're available
Tesla truck specs

400 to 500-mile range, maybe more
300,000lb towing capacity?
Big truck, likely to compete directly w/ the F150

Unclear the price, but likely expensive due to the sheer power it will have

6 seater
dual motor AWD
240v connection for heavy duty tools
air compressor

Hoping to see unveiling this summer but unsure when and also unclear when they'll start delivering, at the earliest likely late 2020

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// Disclaimer
This video and channel are not affiliated with Tesla nor did they endorse this specific production.

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Teslanomics with Ben Sullins
Big update! Elon announced the base price of the truck will be $49K and have better specs than the F150, so stay tuned for more, might get a reveal this summer!
Fran Sahm
I am wondering about manufacture and disposal of the batteries. Nobody is talking about battery lifespan and price to replace them. I would feel better if they worked towards a common battery system. Remember Cassette, 8Track, VHS and Beta-max?
BIll Ligon
So if I purchase my Tesla with long range battery (310 miles) can I charge it to 100% once a week. I'm retired and travel probably much less than 300 miles per week. I live in a condo so no in door charger.
salvador gamble
Sustainability of any product is dependent upon the potential satisfaction of the customer who is seeking to purchase the product, and thereby having to "live" with it after the purchase. Consumers are more investigative about "new" ideas and "new" products than ever before and will judge the product and it's manufacturer by such research they do prior to spending money. The Toyota Business Model applies here as always; "Take care of the customer before and after the sale!" Such vigilance has to be in evidence and available to the general public in advance of any product launch to convince the potential buyer of what genuine integrity is attatched to the said product. All consumers really want to know is how are they going to be treated before and after the sale, especially if there arises any unforeseen issues that create inconvenience and challenges. "People" are the issue to be concerned about, for they will be the ones riding up front or the rear of the vehicle considered for purchase. Kindness, Respect, Honesty, Generosity, etc. are all essential qualities that go a long way to winning and retaining customers, and these traits must be genuine. The product is in-animate but the sales personnel has the ability and skills to generate trust and loyalty towards the product being a success. Thus the "right" people saying and doing the "right" things in connection with the prospective customers will generate the success associated with the product in question! Salvador J. Gamble
TheCalculator Henry
You don't get 450HP and have a payload of 3000Lbs. Yes Ford has many options but don't list all the biggest values because they do not go together. A 4 door limited truck may get up to 1700lbs of payload. The raptor can carry 1000 maybe. And ford is not best selling GM sells more trucks combined when you add up the Canyon, Colorado, Sierra and Silverado
Let's not forget that ford thinks America is the only country in the world.....so there going to die.
Lance Hondrade
Ford F-150: **concerned diesel noises**
Juan Macias
There will be competition,
but experience in design and manufacturing goes to Tesla. Making an electric
vehicle is completely different than making a gas/diesel. Then there is the
most important factor, battery technology. I don't believe that Riven/Amazon or
Ford or VW have the advance technology that Tesla has given Tesla's new company
acquisitions in this space and partnership with Panasonic. The only
thing that is questionable to me is the design, I definitive don’t like the
ones you showed, but do like the bold and aggressive one that I’ve seen in
other sites.

What can be the best of
all worlds is a joint design/build by Tesla and Ford. This would blend in the
best ideas from Ford and Tesla and deliver the best electric vehicle with best
in class battery technology and not to mention a ready to charge charging
network for Ford customers.

Waiting is the hardest
part, but 2021 will be here soon….
Tesla has an overwhelming lead in ev/batteries/over the air update/insurance/boring tunnel access/superchargers/self driving etc.. but the cruncher is the huge real world database gathered over 11yrs!!! They’re ahead of the rest and there’s no way they will catch up!
Under barrel PB cam
Remember Chevy bolt beat model 3 to market?. Later model 3 beat bolt with ease. So I think tesla Will prevail once again.
Lincoln Hare
Ford is the cheapest F-150 out there
rob wells
Tesla has no competition👊
R. de Guia, Jr.
The one that wins will be obviously backed up by the Government...you know who is that...
Steve Wyatt
a shit recording, WTF
Leo Timtom
So where is Tesla delivery truck? Nowhere. Talk, talk, talk.
Connor Weeks
so just because it is electric, it has to look like shit?
Dan Latta
The first electric truck under $50k ends all gas trucks currently in production.
J.J. Waguespack
That Tesla concept PU was just the ugliest thing on the face of the earth. I'd continue to burn gas at 3 times the cost before I'd be seen going down the street in that vehicle.
Mâțu Bandit
There's a lot of "Elon said" in this video. That alone depicts the current state of the Tesla Pickup Truck. Someonr said they would, might...will...just as it happened with the towing truck. How much will the towing truck cost? How much will the battery pack weigh? Please go into the essential details, the rest is just rumorology and hearsay.
Laleh/Bryan Skrenes
Tesla, hands down. They are a decade ahead over all and have the best battery management.
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Tesla Model Y Unveil Will Tesla Pickup Beat 3 months ago   35:55

Tesla and Elon Musk unveiling the new crossover/suv Model Y.