The Most Honest Celebrity Responses Keanu Reeves | Things remain 2 days ago   15:51

Salty 2.0
The Most Honest Celebrity Responses That Make You LOL
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Salty 2.0
Celebrities Getting Offended:
Empress C.
Naomi made me like this video 🤣
But LMAO at Kanye when he was talking about Gaga haha 😂

Edit: Chris Pratt 🤣 I need to watch that interview lmao
RetroRebelRaver RetroRebelRaver
it was like only 3 celebs in the vid over and over again
Malphas Mikaelson
10:19 For some weird reason the first name that came to my mind was Madonna so when her 3rd answer was "not Madonna" that made it even funnier.
Katharina Lehmann
What is Rihanna saying at 6:11??? “Like you think of xyz and then you look at brad and you go ‘damn’”?
alana terrel
Kylie's lips secret injections
alana terrel
Mariah irritates tf outta me
4.25 what did he ask Rihanna?
Niharika Goyal
Seb Bagley
1:06 that was not even close to what he was asking you uneducated youth
Big Mami
Rihanna have the same smile as Kylie Jenner in the thumbnail or am I trippin 🤔🤔
Adriano Ramos
Naomi... fucking bitch! Bieber... fucking stupid asshole! Kayne... fucking douchebag! Kim kar-whatever-her-name-is... fucking shalow nada!
chris pratt and cardi b have me dead 😂😂💀
People crying over hunger, over death, and over life's adversities and Kim k is crying over a diamond she can buy over and over again.
Do you know how many people $75,000 will feed???? Period...
John Pothos
aubrey plazaaaaaaaa!!!!!
Jay Cruickshank
This is hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂
I'm sorry but Aubrey Plaza makes me cringe a bit ...... is she really like that? Sometimes it seems like she tries way too hard
Star of David
All I see is glorified lizards ? Acting awkward and emotionless ?
Izv Isv
1:47 but u couldn’t say that to cardi hahahaha
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Keanu Reeves | Things remain The Most Honest Celebrity Responses 2 days ago   10:53

Other than his beautiful look, there are other things remain unchanged through the years.
I think all these things made him such a wonderful human being.

And Keanu will become 54 soon.
All the best best wishes to him.