Tribeca: The Most Expensive Neighborhood Living Cheap in NYC- $10 For A Day? 1 day ago   03:23

Tribeca is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in New York City. It has old world charm, rich architecture and plenty of high-profile celebrity residents.

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John Peymann
Yeah, what a bargain to live there.
$6MM loft. Parking on the street
The main reason why it's so expensive is that you have all these industrial buildings from turn of the 20th or 19th century, that were made into lofts. A typical one would be 3,000+ sq ft of completely open space, with 11 to 14 foot ceilings and great details like tin-tiled or wood-beamed ceilings, cast iron columns, wood-burning fire places, etc etc and industrial elevators going straight to your apartment. You simply don't get a lot of inventory of that size and historical detail elsewhere in Manhattan (SoHo and Flatiron would be two other areas who are not coincidently also vie for the most expensive in NYC).
Frances McCauley
not exactly pretty..bit soulless.. apart from red brick just looks concrete jungle like and a few walking n the street..lifeles
Akhtar Hussain
Tribeca is one of the most expensive neighborhoods for no reason
NYC is just good place to visit for 2-3 days, otherwise it's not worth it to live there.
Pedro Perez
I could never undestand how such as ugly places as Lower Manhattan can be so expensive, its incredible how Americans do artificial lakes of wealth in ugly places. SoHo and TriBeCa are not Chelsea (London), Central Madrid or Central Paris, I would never pay those prices for living in such a rat heaven, even if Rihanna or Lady Gaga live there.
Gerson Soto
I was in Manhattan last january and rent an aparment in tribeca! Love it
michael Fenn
Looks dull
steve lukas
I thought tribeca was a word in kindergarten but here we are
Dannie Kamete
It's got such a European vibe
HH 11
That's where JFK Junior used to live with his wife.
Rick Tompson
You lasted 3:23. Then where kicked out ?
....born and raised in ny...its not as cool as it once was ny lost its soul after 2001
664 TheNeighborOfTheBeast
Lol you have never been to Brooklyn. Dumbo, Anyone?
Epic Krafter
This makes me depressed it was a dream to travel from Los Angeles to NY Tribeca with my mom and girlfriend mother of my children my mom dies of cancer in 2016 last March my kids mom. Was killed in a car accident it almost took the life out of me I still want to make this Journey some how
Most expensive place is Hudson and Humpton....
John C
Please try to be more informative. Would have helped showing the area on a map. And explaining what 'Tribeca' means.
lyft slave
Good area it's cleaned up alot .thank God
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