Richard drives a F1 car round Silverstone F1 Steering Wheel Explained - What 2 days ago   09:54

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Richard takes the Renault R25 Formula 1 car for a spin round the legendary Silverstone track. Can he steel his nerves to complete 2 laps without destroying the very expensive vehicle?

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2019 anyone?
I think after seeing this I don't think Richard is that good of a driver, just a lucky guy who has managed to be a cohost on a great TV series. I think most people doing track days at the local circuit would probably fair better than little Dickman
stick to racing bikes..... you just made F1 look bad
lolomanolo RG
The BEST car for the BEST pilot. The gran time of F1
David Krvavac
Still faster than Williams...
I've heard a rumor that Tommi Makinen, the rally champion with Mitsubishi, crashed a Ferrari F1 in the second corner, both sponsored by Marlboro.
Even Tom cruise drove a F1 better than him.
Danny Rutz
These F1 cars to make are about 8 million bucks holy Lord but they are so worth every penny there like the miltary jet aircraft but there on the ground I love the sound of them like I love the sound of a jet in the sky
Danny Rutz
Seems difficult to get your brain and muscle memory to do the braking knowing you are going a certain speed as well as taking on a turn but if that dude did it it's just a matter of practice and getting the hang of it... I was like stop talking to the audience about the brakes not hot and worry about what ur doing dam but that was a cool vid they should have let him do some.more driving but who knows the cost plus they were saying how the body takes a toll I mean there hitting like 4 or 5gs on the turns he prolly less but still
no temperature in breaks but full Action... a realy good racer... not....
did anyone catch the Guy Martin insult. put him on an h2 and send him around the TT circuit at 200mph. little fruit would probably wet himself at half throttle in 2nd gear.
Will Tindall
Lol he's not even on proper tires
XmGoblin Kanal
daniel horton
are those tires right when it’s dry?
Zach Cole
Want to race to race coming up few more years! Ieada! Inanamieida! Black! Deep Purpal! Neon Gold! Is the Teal Ray Camero?
adza botchway
"when the cars were chucking out nearly 1000hp" well they still are near 1000hp, if not above it just a tad, they just use the horsepower A LOT more efficiently but also A LOT less excitingly
Jashar Gubetini
top gear at its very best 👍👏👌
nicholas harshbarger
I would pay good money for a v10 f1 engine concert 🎶🎵
Whats LIEf
Notice in the F1 car you see no gasoline tanks for refueling in the pits. F1 cars sound different cuz they run on air, no fuel required. That's why they sound the way they do, the engines are works art and technology that they don't want us to know about. They also need to have air flow or they will over heat, that's why they shut off the car and rolled it back into the pit when Richard could not get it going. Stay Well...
Jim i Sport
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F1 Steering Wheel Explained - What Richard drives a F1 car round Silverstone 2 days ago   10:45

An F1 steering wheel has A LOT of buttons… but what does each of them do? With the help of Renault Sport F1 Reserve Driver, Jack Aitken, we dive into all the details.

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