University of South Alabama Campus Stanford University Campus Tour 2 months ago   05:50


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Laynie Bear
Do y’all have a color guard?
اخيس جامعة قفل او عله
Jayla S
I’m from Fort Lauderdale too ayeee
Remember the time in this university in 1992~1993 for language training.
Tonny Okello
I had my best time in America at this University . I now live in Los Angeles but Mobile will always be my American hometown .
Amira Phantomfire
this school sucks! classes are hard, teachers are hard and NOT talk to the counselor Darleen Dempster! the skank will suggest medication to you, make you sign a waiver saying you can't sue her and she will take you to Altapointe which will then take you to Eastpointe! DO NOT GO TO HER! GO TO A DIFFERENT COUNSELOR!
Hello, I am currently a senior in high school. I may live in Texas, but I am so excited to apply to your college in the near future. I have done a lot of research on colleges, but none of them have the standards of University of South Alabama. Hopefully when I apply, I will get accepted into your exceptional school. Hope to see y'all soon!
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Stanford University Campus Tour University of South Alabama Campus 2 months ago   03:15

Student guides Karen and Christian lead you on a whirlwind tour of the Stanford campus. The tour begins at Stanford Stadium, home to Cardinal football, and ends at the Stanford Visitor Center. Along they way you'll see the Quad, the Dish, and even do a little fountain hopping. This video was originally produced for the launch of the PAC12 Network,

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