I Surprised Her With A Puppy & A $15,000 DDG talks Transition From YouTube 3 months ago   27:00

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The DDG Family
100k likes on this video please ❤️
Edgar Secundino
I joined the family
Darron Smith
She really is the sweetest girl and the realest ever. I can love this girl forever! You would be a fool to let her go!
Zykirriya Alexander
He talk to much
Name that mf pepe.!
It’s so fucking cute bro...
marii gangg
Kenny Jarrett
Can you get back with Kennedy please
Fabian Guerreo
I came back from the future this dog is big and he won’t know ddg
Martin Infiesto
who watched this again after watching ddg trying to dognap fendi? 😏🤣
imagine getting a dog for a girl only to have her cheat on you the next week LMFAO
Who here after watching the I STOLE MY DOG FROM MY EX!! Vlog
J. Spadez
Man I just watched this again I'm not crying I'm just peeling onions 😫
w d y m?
LMAO 12:58 "Yeah Nigga" 😂
big sebi
the pupy is CUTE
-zylo- IOS
Anyone here since 2019?
Queen _Boo_33 Bad girl
that's my dog that's my dog😂😂😂
Queen _Boo_33 Bad girl
his wink bro
Tj Mcdaniel
@ 21:07 she sounded just like essence
Wallace Lawrence
He Got Pussy that NIght ON ME
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DDG talks Transition From YouTube I Surprised Her With A Puppy & A $15,000 3 months ago   27:49

DDG is a YouTube star who began his transition to music just last year. He opens up about the most difficult part of the transition; being taken seriously by his fans and his peers with Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed.

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