I Surprised Her With A Puppy & A $15,000 DDG talks Transition From YouTube 6 months ago   27:00

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The DDG Family
100k likes on this video please ❤️
K!ng PH!l
I died when ddg tried to name the dog photosynthesis🤣🤣👉🚪
gett back wit kennedyy boiii
She seems sweet
lovely gacha
21:30 Yessir
Miranda Lewis
The way he said I MEAN U STILL MY NIGGA AND SHITthis had me knocked down with laughter😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😋😂😂😂
Clara Belle
When DDG AND KENNEDY ARE IN MEXICO SO U COME BACK TO WATCH THIS VIDEO. Ddg that’s your wife period ❗️❗️❗️❗️
Daphne Josaphat
Name the Dog Kyle
Delightful Obsidian
Man they have been great together man great memories man both of you
The Heni Family
Key West
I miss these to together 😩
Nicholas Armenta
This is the first YouTuber where I actually watch every min of it🤝
Christall Wilson
Humble wifey typa woman squad 💪👅😁✌👑💍
Quann Bernard
im just here reminiscing 😍🥰
Hella Hustles
Oscar Trip
Ddg: ‘Eat yo food’😂
Jasmine Muse
watching in May 2019 , just to see Kennedy expression when she saw the puppy so heartwarming and sad but happy at the same time
Kg Core
She Was More Happier About The Puppy Then The Rolex 😅💛
Sarah Lee
Omg Kennedy actin like she was holding her new born baby for the 1st time😭
David Sterling
Man I'm a dog lover and when my first dog died I got emotional I love dogs 🐶
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DDG talks Transition From YouTube I Surprised Her With A Puppy & A $15,000 6 months ago   27:49

DDG is a YouTube star who began his transition to music just last year. He opens up about the most difficult part of the transition; being taken seriously by his fans and his peers with Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed.

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