The Skyward Sword Game Breaking The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword 2 days ago   10:18

There is a patch for this glitch now! Check out this video to find out more-
DO NOT TALK TO THE GORON. Most guides say that you are safe to do Thunder Dragon second. You are not. I did Fire then Thunder and it still broke the game. See the video for more details.

Nintendo owns LoZ:SS, as always.

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Help ples. This glitch happened, but I didn't have a backup or save/load states and I also didn't have the thunder dragon piece. I think the difference is that I didn't finish the thunder dragon, and you can do only one at a time. Ples help :(
Internet Player
I am german.Can someone Translate me?
Donald Church
The fact that I did this on ACCIDENT
Thanks for the info! As the video may be old but since the wii shop channel is close, going here on out anyone who decides to play the game now will have to rely on this video or information on the internet warning about the glitch. Glad you left the video up after all these years 😄
SyndiCate Gaming
Stupid me didn’t have a back up file
Violet Rose
I remember being really scared by this video as a kiddo. Looking back, it definitely hasn't aged well. Still interesting though.
That Gordon used game shark
Okay, now I am scared to death to talk to any gorons ever again. But wait.. I just met that goron in that tunnel place and he gave me the key to go into the sand sea. That is okay though right? I'll just make sure to never talk to him again... ever.
Zachary Erickson
Where's my Imprisoned fight? The Imprisoned is like "I'm too scared to come out. You'll beat the crap out of me."
Mya Mai
The goron is so pissed he breaks your game.
I haven't learned the song from the Thunder Dragon BUT I talked to the Goron AND I can only land in the Sealed Grounds BUT the cutscene still doesn't occur ffs
I think they think you'll go to lanaru last because levas, levis. I don't know his name. But he says to go to lanaru last. So they just assume you'll follow his order
The Supreme Xtream
Nintendo Patched it already
I have never talk to that goron you show in this video. The only time I'm gone there (where that goron is) was after getting the clawshot when I go get a chest there. Never knew there was a goron there.
Laughing Man
In all honesty I have never even seen the Goron in that area in general which confused me immediately before you said what the glitch was
Petra Dijkhuizen
You'r wrong!!! I whas playing skyward sword song of the hero, as normaly but: when you go to lanayru desert it happens already, just do lanayru desert for last... and the worst is i had to do the whole game over.
Stephen Flesch
Just don't talk to the goron.
I avoided this glitch in my first time, I just went to the woods first. Really heart/gamebreaking
Basicly here's a quick explanation (I guess after 3 years its not big of a help but anyway). To get to the dragon song quests theres something that triggers the beginning of every quest, going to faron region starts the quest same as eldin without you having to choose where to land, the point is that, for some reason idk why, if you talk to the goron, it triggers the quest of the Thunder Dragon song, even if you have ALREADY done it. So if you already finished the quest of the thunder dragon and talk to the goron the game assumes that you haven't done it, and the glitch happens because the game doesnt allow you to do more than 1 quest at a time.That means you can't do eldin and faron at the same time (that makes sense i guess). Since you have completed the thunder dragon quest and the game wants you doing it again, which is impossible, therefore it will never allow you to progress unless you didn't save.
So glad I keep a safe file otherwise I'd gave to redo 6 dungeons or most likely rage quit
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