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Soldiers return home from deployment to surprise their families and pets in this heartwarming compilation.
Welcome Home Soldiers!

Also, Happy Anzac day!

Best Military Homecomings 2018 Compilation 77

Best Military Homecomings 2018 Compilation 79

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Binging these makes me happier
Shadow -Gaming
I go to the school were the first one was posted and I was one of the student counsels that helped put that together
Levente Kovacs
7:00 must feel good to be loved this much by so many people
Kasun Dhananjaya Nanayakkare
That last one though..😍😍
Bob Burns
I love the way American people are so open with their feelings,i cry like a baby with the love that shown.
Arslan Hanif
the last one Woooow
Darren Headrick
@ 1:23, it's all fun and games until the mascot takes the their head off ang you see your Mom. The sh*t gets serious at that point.
Imagine trying to surprise her while she's at dinner. Just to find out the person she's eating with just so happens to be Mr Jody himself.
Im Just Doing My Best
The last one broke me omg can't wait for my love to come home. ❤️
Maria Cecilia Da Silva
Malditos ninjas cortadores de cebola
Wayne Wilson
War is a single man's game. Don't put kids through this. Married parents should not be allowed in the military.
Wayne Wilson
Of you don't have family in the military you'll never know this excitement. My brother served in the marine corps for 8 years. What a wonderful feeling when he came home.
The two old broads on the floor @ 6:27 were trying to cunt block that hot chick in the orange pants.
Aww the little kid is holding tails
Trucker Life
I wish I had a family that loved me.
anthony Crane
The last one is the best , with them on the floor ...real deal
Michael Tritt
The last one was the best
Dude in the backs like fuck outta here 😂😂♥️
Goku Paths
It was good besides the kid digging in his ass 🤣🤣🤣
Jason Roberts
That last one got sooooooooooper awkward LOL!!!!
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