10K Giveaway Announcement! My Corvette Gets 5 Things You Need to Know About 2 days ago   16:54

Cars, Costs and Technology
Here's your chance to win an iPad Mini 4 (128GB) and a GoPro Hero 5 Session for free! Here's a recap of all of the details:

YouTube Giveaway (Silver iPad Mini 4 128GB)
The channel must hit 10,000 subscribers before Christmas day.
To be entered to win you must be subscribed to CC&T, like this video and comment below what you would do with a new iPad for Christmas (or anything else that you want for Christmas).

Instagram Giveaway (GoPro Hero 5 Session)
The CC&T Instagram page must reach 5,000 followers before Christmas day.
To be entered to win you must follow CC&T on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/carscoststech/?hl=en

Teach your old car some new tricks!

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Cars, Costs and Technology
Ready, set, go! 👍
CC&T Instagram: 
Thanks for watching!

P.S. I have no idea how 3 minutes of nothing got added onto the end of this video?? Sorry about that. I didn't realize it until it was already uploaded.
I'd give it to a friend who has no computer.
uzair peshmam
Super giveaway
Dustin Van Der Hout, Portfolio Manager, Richardson GMP
I noticed you video stareted in the snow. Have you had trouble with the windows freezing so they can’t do the small automatic move they do when you open the door? Any suggestions. Is happening to me a lot in this extreme cold. I’ve used the remote start and it only helps a bit. Is there a way to have heat and fan settings higher for remote start?
Amit Sithakol
Hey There Cars Cost and Technology !
i love your channel, very helpful !
i definitely will work with this iPad on my Business project
keep on with this amazing channel ! (:
Bud Marlewski
I would use it to watch your videos and do some work!
Daniel Duffin
Merry Christmas. I'd use the iPad to keep up with news, rumors, and leaks on the mid-engine C8 Corvette.
Ivan Marrero
I would use it to watch your vlogs !!!
Bernadette Ysit
I would use the iPad for school and review. I don't have any apple product because my family can't afford one that's why it would be nice if I win this giveaway. Which is very unlikely because I'm not lucky when it comes to giveaways and there are a lot of people who joined in this giveaway ahaha. Congrats on the 10k!
I would I use the iPad for my notes for school so I can get more organized and I would love to win the iPad
I would use the iPad for college 😎
Fredy Castellanos
I would love the go pro to make YouTube videos
Steve Harms
I have used one a few years ago but would love to have my own to use on a regular basis
Admiral Singh
I will use the iPad to make a YouTube gaming channel
Harpreet Singh
I would use the iPad for school!
Harpreet Singh
Great video💪🏽
wc BUDman
Love the channel keep up the great work! PS the gift will go to my son.
Im so sad i’m the 10,001 :( i been watching all ur video in last few days
Ipad help me to read books....if i win it will help me lot
Wesley Clayton
i would use the ipad to watch your videos!! favorite youtuber ever!
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5 Things You Need to Know About 10K Giveaway Announcement! My Corvette Gets 2 days ago   11:34

It's hard to believe that the 2019 Corvette ZR1 is finally official! After months of leaked images and videos it's actually here. Here is a list of 5 things that you need to know about the C7 Corvette ZR1!

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