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Most Annoying Types Of Friends! | - At Up-Tube.com

Most Annoying Types of Friends! 7 months ago   07:26

There's no such thing as a perfect friend, there's just friends that are significantly less annoying than others..
See how many of these apply to your group of friends and then see how many of them apply to you!

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Comments 30588 Comments

Gacha Amy Coolio
My friend sit together with me at school and we like talk a lot and the teacher dosent notice and we really have funny times togother
How about that one friend that messes with you until you get mad just for them to see your reaction?
Vincent James
What about the friend that never hangs out.
Hello I can’t think of a Name
I’m the “check that video friend” because I showed ur videos and other videos...so ur saying ur videos suck....
Piggy The Annoying
Hey! You have been the first YouTuber to reach 3 million subscribers right!?
I am a bailer.
Akshith Arvind
I have a friend and he always talks to me wherever the hell I go and I said no like 55 times but he was still doing it
Pokémon Go
*wait the first time I watched was to see which one I am*
Easy Gears
I don't have friends 😔
Joseph Ramirez
Imagine having friends haha.
Morning Potato
I can't download the app... In on an android and the link didn't work
Oliver Lucy
What about the friend that always thinks that there are the king of the world
k a l e
the friend who doesn’t study and gets a one hundred...
If these behaviours are sporadic, it’s meh but if it’s consistent I don’t think you should keep people like that around in your life...
Focus Dj
I’m a shit friend
Jennie Jeon
im all of them i feel so bad
GD DrkDmon
I sent this to myself
Now I have -1 friends
Water Wolf.
4:58 im that friend
or is it just my friends that have no humor
Sami Park
im the overly competetive friend
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Most Annoying Types of Friends! 7 months ago   09:11

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