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Us-China Ties: China Issues | Three Chinese Warships Steam - At Up-Tube.com

US-China ties: China issues Three Chinese warships steam 2 days ago   02:57

China has issued an official warning to students seeking to study in the US. The Ministry of Education urged students and academics to "raise their risk assessment” when considering going to the US.

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William H. Langeman
Chinese students definitely should not come back to the US no one likes them and no one likes China and it would probably be very uncomfortable for them.
William H. Langeman
Yes Chinese students should not return to the US where no one likes them and everyone thinks they're cheaters.
Wilson Luy Tan
Coming to study in USA is not stealing their know- how. It is getting an education. They sell and You bought that commodity. Get a good education here and return home to build China.
Wilson Luy Tan
Asia is calling you. Can’t you hear that voice from afar? Every man and woman She needs for a task that is new and great.
Heather Larson
Japan/SK/Singapore/China universities are great enough. The chinese students who come abroad are deemed as incompetent in their home and will face harsh reality when they get back. Western universities also pose some toxic environments like transgender bathroom, liberal equality. Although the education/research quality is still there in the west, this is declining steadily.
Tony Doss
Yes. Remember, youtube is banned in the US. Imagine those Chinese students having to live without youtube. heheh.
delhi boy
Bledy americans did the wrong move...im an indian by the way ..i support china...america think its a superpower ...wen a single deadly virus is enough to wipe out all of america.
KIKYO Del Toro
Go to Canadá
Titliest Srixon
Please make US suffer
DS yip
The Chinese have an inflated image of US schools. Actually, the best of Chinese schools would match those from the US. So the Chinese study in the US to improve their English skills and international exposure. For these reasons, it's better studying in universities in the UK or Western Europe.
Natalie Seeto
Why spend your hard earned money in a country that does not welcome you??? Go else where!!!
Lam Par
Dispute between US government and China CCP(ig) can definitely be manipulated into someththing else by media, no doubt will lead to some unwarranted incidents happen to Chinese students studying in US on personal level..
luci78 Cozma
What USA lose to n this :14 billions usd per year the students spend for schools in USA. 3 billions usd. The Chinese spend in real estate for living Plus food clothings cars and other things. Make a sum and go to 20 billions what USA will lose ......just another day in paradise !
The truth of the matter is that China just doesn't know how else to get back at the US, after being hit with such monumental tariffs. Why than are Chinese students still coming to US universities? Because they are the best!
Bud Wzr
China doesn't want to tell the truth about the Tiananmen Square massacre. CCP killed their own people for not obeying. American schools will teach that as part of curriculum.
Michele Coatta
Maybe they shouldn't be here at all if they will potentially be here to spy we should reevaluate all foreign students vet them more closely stop letting people who hate America and Americans into our great country
miao yx
在此留言的“cosmo john”是台独恐怖份子。
As a Singaporean, even if our country is already too crowded, I would say take these Chinese students in as they will improve competition in our education system and we need to balance against the USA.
No need to go USA.. there is Yale-NUS in Singapore.. provided you can get in...
Be wary of south Asian trading classes 9with wealth distributed worldwide, and land banks and monetary banks from Switzerland, to Australia, to Canada)

operating under the premise that forging and artificially boosting psycho-social pressures and forces where they have investments (via compaction, constriction and sheer veiled antagonism - to affect strain, tension, thermal releases across society)

that has not just immediate advantage of spurring and stimulating economy - increasing risks and hazards that can be bolstered and banked on in varied ways, due to these covertly non productive, or outright destructive tendencies

But has long term effect of pushing other communities (who are closer to psycho-sexual boundary line - broken down into principle 2 quadrants (male/female, and then two sub-sections (lesbianism/homosexuality) along with asexuality

As centuries long geographical and resource based strategy, to clear land masses of more pure genetic linage (less ethnically mixed genes, that have greater tendency towards crossing psycho-sexual divides into the genetically invalid

Based on theories that rural and countryside bio--social energy mixes - have one set of deviant behaviors used as progress/regress markers) while cities have another type.

Namely that densely populated cities have far greater instances of same sex and homosexual behaviors (compared to bestiality lets say - more prevalent in rural areas)

Used as indicator that all other parameters are based on (from present day productivity and rate of returns, to long term genetic viability)

So that South Asian trading hubs, more greatly attuned to these trading and thus mixing forces (from Singapore, to Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong)

Driven by superstitious, esoteric ideas, that this is only way to return to original (star house, ancestral planes, or birthing ) cosmological coordinates (as found in metaphysical and astrological charts

Where Indochinese with both Indian and Chinese genes, are allegedly more susceptible to this.

While less cosmopolitan, more conservative (less inter married, more homogenous and less diverse) genetic lines and typologies found in heartlands of land masses, may have other potentially deviant traits.

That invariably crop up with entropy and developmental phases. Where is mass media on this matter?

Also serving as compressors, constrictors on one hand, and alleviators and assuages of these pressures on the other?

Is mass media a hotbed for such discredited thinking then?

Only suppressed so they can be affected on human populations across centuries, while people are kept ignorant so they can be manipulated like cattle or balloons (blown up just to be pricked?

By members of the opposite sex most often, controlled by creditors and paymasters that coordinate social life and growth of nations.

Hoarding all the soft smooth curves (and renting them out for a fortune)

and littering the ground with sharp angled profiles, molded and sand blasted by society to serve as thrones and brambles to hide national jack pots
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Three Chinese warships steam US-China ties: China issues 2 days ago   03:00

Scott Morrison's lightening trip to the Solomon Islands is aimed at winning hearts and minds as Beijing's reach in the Pacific grows.

And in a reminder of China's growing maritime might three of its warships have steamed into Sydney.

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