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Vineyards, castles and palaces - that's what many tourists associate with southern Germany. But the region around Heilbronn-Franken offers more than just idyllic scenery. It's also home to 80 top companies - all global leaders in their sectors. But there are problems too. The companies can't find enough apprentices and are facing a shortage of skilled, specialized workers.
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Eduardo Oliveros Anca
Germany is an incredible nation, I couldn't live all my live there, but I do admire this people very much. They're not angels, they have a dark history, but the are something else, although I believe theres a little mustache in many of them. And I spent half a year living there. My deepest and truthful admiration for such great country. But I'm watching you all, don't trust 100 present😉
Graham Pinkerton
Bavaria is a jewel in the heart of southeast of Germany. BMW in Munich, Audi in Ingolstadt, MAN in Augsburg, Bavarian beer. Just to Name a few.
Taki Jeden
I wish in my country we have something like Bavaria..
arogant MADE IN MUSLIM :)
dan spataru
if u got the skill but no German language ...then u can't make it in there unfortunately ... German language schools would be a step forward for foreigners ..:P
Julio Jackson
When it comes to industry, Hemp is better than trees.
I have nothing but respect for German made technical products; I've been in the manufacturing industry here in Canada and have come across German-made tools & machines; absolutely the best..
Keith Hahn
When Trumps talks about the economy its funny how its always countries like South Korea, Japan, and China and no mention of European countries like Germany. Last I checked Germany's manufacturing export and their national GDP is greater than that of Japan and South Korea yet the blame falls on South Korea, Japan and China.
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markets on air - Innovation "Made in Germany" Global Leaders - The Economic Power 1 day ago   06:25

This episode's topics:
- Growth market - Robots ensuring safety
- Factory of the future designed in Germany
- Germany scores high on innovation
- Volkswagen a research leader
- Smart production - Keeping ahead with Industry 4.0