Trump mocks George H.W. House panel subpoenas Lewandowski 4 months ago   03:07

President Trump used a campaign rally in Montana to mock his predecessor George H.W. Bush on a decades-old campaign slogan.

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Srikanth Paniker
CNN is obviously funded by Bush and his lobbyists who want to start wars world wide. You fuckwits are nothing but war mongering scumbags.
Srikanth Paniker
CNN attacks trump and his conservative views but you viciously defend Bush. Isn’t that ironic and hypocritical. CNN should be ashamed of themselves!
Ben Stevinson
President Donald Trump isn't afraid to say what he thinks he speaks his mind! Like him or not Trump makes his point! He isn't afraid to say what he thinks!
Nick R
1000 Points of Light is an occult reference.

the 1000 illuminated men (illuminati) , all the different occult orders (community leaders in his speech) working together, spreading across the globe like Stars across the Sky , working to bring about the New World Order.

GeorgeHW stated this is his inauguration speech to let the NWO know order has been restored post-Reagan.

Here Trump mocks the quote, letting the whole underground society world know he's not one of them .

Make America Great Again is Reagan slogan. Not all leaders are evil, recent memory (JFK-Reagan-Trump) 2-3 of these men were shot in office.
peter 122388
Trump is the best the only one who fixin this contry.Democrats are so liberals
peter 122388
Cnn is a democrate channel
peter 122388
Democrats are ignorant
Mr M
I love trump
RBooster Man
Look at all these comments attempting to defend the warmongering Bush cartel.
People are so stupid and God don't attack the eye ball or the light thousand points of light they try and act like people actually knew wtf he was talking about then thousand points of light organization wasn't even esblished till 1990 so after he was done with both terms he starts it finally yeah no one knew what the hell it was smart people knew it was a shout out to Satan or their little goat god a cryptic and sly little hidden thank you or whatever because it gives it more power that way and for them to defend a republican of all people on CNN is hilarious but I get it they are owned by the same people so what's it matter lol
Leleth Kairu
Thousand points of lights....belgium infamous castle
George HW Bush was a pedophile.
God Bless President Trump.
Ethan Cox
O yeah cause Bush was a saint let's not forget how many laws Bush broke
POTUS has Democrats defending Bush!...... He's truly one of a kind!
Ripleyw Snipley
George Bush is trash I agree with Trump
Thousand points of light is a Masonic phrase. It’s found throughout their texts and references.
Gonzo The great
Lyin DOG Don hasn't run anything except bankrupting businesses, Not just his own! his presidency will be seen as the worlds biggest joke for decades to come.
cindy krupp
In reality it's put himself first.
I love you Mr President MAGA 2020
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House panel subpoenas Lewandowski Trump mocks George H.W. 4 months ago   03:14

The House Judiciary Committee issued subpoenas to former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and a former White House official as it ramps up its investigation to determine whether to impeach President Donald Trump.

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