Inside Look At Designing The 2005 Detailing My Ferrari F12 TDF Paintwork For PPF! 1 day ago   39:57

Jay Leno's Garage
Chief Designer Camilo Pardo shares intimate details on many of the design decisions that went into Ford's legendary supercar.
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Inside Look At Designing The 2005 Ford GT - Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno's Garage

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doug fehler
Dr.d here from sunny Canada I worked at ford 4 years and a mercury dealer for 5 years, first to work on the 4.6 two valve and first to work and be certified of 4.6 4 valve, the hot fords at the time were probe, xr4ti, mark 8 coupe, mustang,and svt coupe 2.3,worked on police mustangs,armored vans and the t birds from 2.3,turbo 3.8 supercharged and 5.0.the police cars came equipped with 351,302, 281 it was a fun time. when i was injured i was working at bmw,infinity dealer working on the twin cam did my back in,best day at work was in a small shop,started out tuning up a 1957 mercury truck flat head, the next unit was a 1968 e type jag.convertible for government inspection, was a restored unit, needed it for plates. I have a hero,you are him keep up the good work in buying,restoring and telling folks all about the history of so many interesting units. Ps not a real doctor
D Clipper
Best guest ever.
Tuned Eco Stang
I love the station! Keep it up!
This guy looks like and sounds like a 30 year old stoner!
Robert Feight
Eww, this video didn't age well. Ford Focus, and Fiesta fiasco is exactly the same scenario that Jay complimented Ford in regards to the company replacing those A arms.
Regardless, one of the the best looking vehicle of all time on a list I can count on one hand.
Jay bring more car designers on, that was awesome.
Cody Morrison
My favorite episode. I am rewatching it, but I can only LIKE it once, No relikes?! Thanks Jay! Camilo too!
antonio volpe
Stupid doors
"No food or drinks in the car." That is a very good rule to follow.
That Battery almost didn't turn the big girl over.
Honestly, it's not the most extreme looking supercar, but all things considered, the '04-'06 GT might be one of if not THE best supercars ever made
Mike Flaherty
When Camilo slammed the hood 😬😬😬
Christopher Walker
The new Ford GT is exotic looking, but there's just something about this that makes me like this one better.
Yeh, surely the nicest car Ford has ever made. I love the back end on these & the cars stance looks amazing. Also Camilo is a boss, what a guest.
Christopher Estep
Thing is, the Ford GT (and the Corvette) were the ONLY American autos that went to Europe - "enemy turf" and ate THEIR lunch - on THEIR turf. NOT easy to do. (Not that the reverse didn't happen - consider the Volvo Turbo (and later Turbo Wagon) - which was succeeded by the Volvo 740 and 760 - that came HERE and ate OUR lunch in IMSA and SCCA road racing. If anything, what Volvo did was even nastier than what Ford and Chevy did - the Volvos that were taken racing were - literally - street cars that only had mods that were required for safety reasons. The original Turbo was not a two-door - it was a four-door sedan - a *saloon* in European parlance. The biggest insult was, in fact, the last year of the original Turbo - the Turbo Wagon. (No - I didn't stutter. I said *Wagon*.) Like the Turbo, it was a street car. Like all Volvos, it was over-engineered from a safety standpoint. That year, they did not take the Turbo racing - they took the Turbo Wagon racing. Like the Turbo, it kicked butt in IMSA and SCCA. That it was a *Wagon* stung - and stung badly. That you could buy one - with everything except the safety-required gear - in a Volvo dealership - stung worse. (I went to the local Volvo dealership and looked at both the Turbo sedan *and* the Turbo Wagon. The attraction was that they were "sleepers" in the classic sense - remember the Buick T-type and Grand National? The Turbo and Turbo Wagon were sleepers in the SAME sense the Buicks were - except they were sleepers with racing pedigrees - which even the Buicks didn't have. It was not the only Swedish automobile on sale in the United States - did we forget about Saab? Like Volvo, they were over-engineered from a safety standpoint. (Serious safety wonks, the Swedes.) But Saabs didn't go racing in the United States - Volvos did. If I'm not mistaken, Jay has a few Volvos in his Garage - what Volvo did to us - on our turf - is why.)
Timothy Archer
I only wish that this episode could have been twice the length!

Fascinating to hear the story behind this car, from it's chief designer.

Very enjoyable.
Tony Stoakley
what a cool Guy so informative very nice Guy watched this a couple of times now
I was fall in love with this car since first time I saw it❤️
Thanks for all those informations. Lovely!
The Great One
Ford doesn't even design the Ford GT. Everything is outsourced to Multimatic in Canada which also made the 2012 de Macross Epique GT1 that was also featured on Jay Leno Garage and was basically a Ford GT underneath. Multimatic also made the new Ford GT and the only thing Ford did was funding the project, engines, and some Ford badges.
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Detailing My Ferrari F12 TDF Paintwork For PPF! Inside Look At Designing The 2005 1 day ago   21:03

It's finally time to detail my Ferrari F12 TDF at NVN London in preparation for full body Paint Protection Film to be applied! The Ferrari F12 TDF is a limited edition (1/799) V12 supercar with 770hp and engine components from Ferrari's FXX racing cars. I have some trips and adventures planned with my TDF so i'm making sure the car is cared for with PPF and detailing before it goes on it's next journey...


TikTok: @MrJWW