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Newsroom - Acngage | The Newsroom - Neal & Big Foot - At Up-Tube.com

Newsroom - ACNgage The Newsroom - Neal & Big Foot 3 weeks ago   03:02

Ashley Lynch

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James Desomma
Based on the Jimmy Kimmel interview with a woman from Gawker. Same exact words were used for some of this "interview" that were used in Kimmels.
Stephen Conway
The Stuport
Slone Was Savage
Hao Ye
How i never heard this show
Kiko Jones
It's harder to enjoy this scene knowing that in real life Olivia Munn has contempt for all celebrity reporting, not just the vacuous nonsense depicted here.
Daniel Brongers
I LOVE Olivia Munn; so why haven't I heard about this show before?
Cat Ross
sloan sabbith was a top 5 tv characters, all time, for me.
veana ketsoyian
utterly romantic and idealistic show. it depicts an ideal reality which can, hopefully, not only help us cultivate ethical and moral principles but motivate us at the same time to zealously fight for those beliefs, almost like a madman, a Don Quixote. A world of empathy, morality, wittiness and passion. A world as it should be. Bravo Sorkin!
: Antypas
Alexius Nemo
Not unlike a West Wing episode where Bartlett eviscerates a talk radio commentator. The religious questions he possed first appeared on the Internet before being put in the dialogue of that episode. The writer wanted to cite the source but was unable to find it. Hmm....who was that writer?
yet again The Newsroom handles a topic in today's world PERFECTLY... 3 seasons was plenty :)
This show educated a ton of people on what actual professional journalism is all about, and on what to look for to distinguish journalism from sensational press. And it did so while being great entertainment.

And I think watching The Newsroom is the best way to realize what certain people are actually doing when crying "fake news!" all the time: They are trying to get the real McAvoys and MacKenzies and Harpers of this world from nailing them to the cross they belong nailed to for *their* lies.

Upright politicians don't have to fear real journalism, because they are working on the same thing: Upholding democracy, integrity, and decency.
Dave D
Great writing but she smacked it out of the park!
Bilah Miat
they cancelled this show because it was too real and it was offending some the execs at HBO and Warner Bros. ask Aaron Sorkin
I'm not sure who did it first and neither do I care, the thing is, it's very accurate and true! Great content, delivered brilliantly!
Zak Hunter-Gilbert
I love this scene
Jack da ‘alf brain ork
Letting a app to stalk people...
Great idea
Mic drop and Sloanes out
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