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Newsroom - Acngage | The Newsroom - Neal & Big Foot - At Up-Tube.com

Newsroom - ACNgage The Newsroom - Neal & Big Foot 5 months ago   03:02

Ashley Lynch

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Darius Serrano
Sadly, as awesome as this scene was, it was then followed up by Charlie's heart attack. This was such a rollercoaster wave of emotions in just one episode.
LoL real journalism, fact checking, asking tough questions. This show is the best fantasy comedy ever.
Why does the guy look exactly like an overweight cole sprouse???
The Hindu editorial analysis upsc
West wing

Aaron Sorkin's jewels in the crown
Ben Grohmann
2:18 She says that he makes 55k a year, which is "twice the national average for a family of four"... lol that is not even remotely close to being accurate lol.
Damien Greig
i didnt know this was based on the real segment that jimmy kimmel hosted
E N Fitz
That woman could crush coals into diamonds with her glare.
Max Hyde
Munn's about to burn a hole through this dude with her eyes
Craig Noneman
Is this show just people dunking on each other?
Theo Lamp
Based on a real website, this is great writing by Aaron Sorkin, and delivery by Olivia Munn.
Lucas Perks
I love how all of Aaron Sorkins words from west wing to newsroom are still true... only is some cases, the target has flipped.
Dee Marty
Invisible man Invisible man
Not only is she beautiful but my god her voice?????
Cardinal Ximinez
For the 11teen-hundredth time...
God, I miss this show
Spiros M
This is actually based on a real interview Jimmy Kimmel did with Emily Gould of Gawker.com. The interview is probably in your recommendations. What's astonishing to me is that not only she had the same positions as the actor, but she was actually laughing most of the time.
Elijah Helmic
Wow. Dylan Sprouse really has hit some hard times
Giovanna Araújo
Whoopi should watch this before saying that people have things like this coming because they're famous
Journalism vs reality. They do a good job here mocking it but this guy is what our world has turned into. The kind of journalism that was displayed on this show just doesn't exist anymore for the simple reason that also came apparent in this show. ... it doesn't sell.
Darrell Frazier
Sloan getting her Will McAvoy on...
Marcelo Macedo
Could you imagine this show talking about all the shit is happening today?..man...wouldn't be something?.Lol.
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