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Mayweather Lets Wilder Know | - At Up-Tube.com

MAYWEATHER LETS WILDER KNOW 3 months ago   02:02

FightHype.com was on hand at the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas, Nevada where future Hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather and kickboxing sensation Tenshin Nasukawa held a press conference to discuss their upcoming New Year's Eve showdown. You don't want to miss what both fighters and those in attendance had to say. Check it out!

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Kristijan Korat
No one could beat you Floyd, and now the jealousy will! You had your time, you’re retired, let the show goes on. You won’t have attention forever.. That’s life.
Quinton Lee
I swear he’s a hater
Floyd Mayweather: I make more money then Wilder and Fury
Spiro O
Man this guy is a scared ass. De la Hoya beat him (at least it was a draw) and would have beat him in the 90s/ early 2000s. Castillo beat him. Pacquiao would have beat him from 2008-2013. Fraudweather, all money, zero legacy. Tyson was right he's scared to take his kids to school.
Naeem Islam
U fool if you're brave, face wilder as an exhibitions
Paulos Kidane
Floyd is a insecure boy
one of the best boxer, with one of the shittiest personality.
Who fucking cares? He's so fucking immature, his 40 is the new 25..
Professor B
U gonna tell me u gonna beat Wilder now bro, it's true that Wilde doesnt have good defance, but one shot if his canon's u dead son
Rob Faget
Wish I could make money like Floyd
Francisco Gomez
Pussy!... he's just avoiding elite fighters....
King SavageE
Deontae all day
Josh White
I'm so tired of this man talking about the "A side" especially seeing how he went to another country where his opponent is the legit A side not him. Over in Japan Tenshin is who people pay to see Floyd just wanted the easiest fight possible which is why he's not the best ever he's simply a man trying to hold onto the spotlight.
Ja S
So fkn wt u idiot Floyd u never b great like Ali Tyson all u talk about is money hope u take it with u when u leave earth
Tony Star
Wilder came to box not to make money
HilariouShaun313 Gifted
Pussy.... I pick my fights lol he always had picked his fights..lol
Adrian Tate
i bet majority of these exhibitions will be against foreign fighters.
Ruben Rodriguez
Do you know what eludes means dummy
Floyd sounds like an old man. KO arriving very soon.
This rich bum salty as hell
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MAYWEATHER LETS WILDER KNOW 3 months ago   04:19