A Mini-Castle, Saved From Ruins, 10 Luxury Residence of The Royal Family 2 days ago   04:02

Wall Street Journal
Architect Jaime Fernández restored a 250-year-old mini-castle from ruins to create a unique home with fossils embedded in the walls. He gives us a tour of Dinton Castle in Buckinghamshire, England, which is for sale for £765,000. Photo: Jimmy Cape for The Wall Street Journal

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Amazing. Love the castle 🏰
Christel Thomas
Amazing! Great job you guys! I would keep the castle and no more kids. Just saying.
Worthy IsTheLamb
Marilyn Phan
You have plenty of room for two more kids, keep the castle.
Lovely Lexi
i bet its haunted
The G God Mo'Vicious
Awesome video you guys did a really good job thanks for saving that castle may you guys be forever blessed on your journey keep up the good work again awesome
mei chasandra
When an architec did magic, I'm in awe!
Just Jaye’s
This is absolutely Awesome !
D Mquez
Stunning renovation, beautiful castle congrats (felicidades)
shannon popesco
I want it if i had the money id have a castle like that so awsome lucky u are to have it
Don DoDat
Very beautifully done.
Наталия Ковалева
Debra Boyea
I love it!! Wish I lived there!
Nikko Gutierrez
Awesome where exactly is this place?
Beverly Anderson
Beautiful renovation. Well done!
Eli Christman
Put a tent on the roof and tell the kids they're camping. They'll love it!
Brian Kalenda
There is no one who will pay that amount for that little space and if there is someone ur an idiot.
Ok Ppeace
It's awesome what you did
Aadesh Eshaghi
It is really small. Bad
Den Reetu
Amazing ....need a rooftop garden?
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10 Luxury Residence of The Royal Family A Mini-Castle, Saved From Ruins, 2 days ago   08:00

10 Luxury Residence of The Royal Family Members

1. Buckingham Palace
this palace is located near St. James' Park and is also the official london residence of Queen Elizabeth II. Buckingham palace has become a royal residence for the royal family since 1837. It has 775 rooms including 42 bedrooms, 188 staff’s rooms, and 78 bathroom. Queen elizabeth II and prince Phillip live in this palace with prince andrew and prince edward and his wife, Sophie Rhyss Jones. this buckingham palace is also famous for its change of royal guard ceremony. In addition, many people also said that a priest who wears a brown robe was usually seen on the back terrace of the palace.

2. Windsor Castle
this castle which located in London is usually become a vacation place for the queen during weekend. it is also the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world. it was built by William teh conqueror in 11th century and has been inhabited by 39 royal families since then. this catle is open all year around and it also has a doll royal monarch miniatur that is famomus in the world. in 1992, this castle was caught on fire and cost $50 million to repair.

3. Sandringham House
this private residence of Queen elizabeth Ii was built in 1862 by King Edward VII. However, in 1891, a fire destroy most parts of the house. this house is situated on a 20 thousand hectare area with 60 hectare of it is a garden. The rest of the area that have not been processed are open to the public all yar around. the royal family usually spend their christmast on this Sandringham palace. the private residence of prince william and kate middleton. Anmer hall, is also located on this area.

4. Balmoral Castle
this castle is the private residence of the queen elizabeth II that has a scotlandinavian style. it is located in Aberdeenshire, scotlandia. this castle was bought by Prince albert who present it to Queen victoria in 1852.the couple later turn down th eold castle and built the new castle that we see now. The private residence of prince charles and Camilla named Birkhall is also situated on this castle area. many also believed that a former and a death maid of queen Victoria named John Brownis usually seen wearing traditional Scottish kilt clothes in this castle.

5. Clarence House
Clarence House is the queen’s house for the past 5o years, it was designed by Josh Nash from 1825 to 1827. this house was built for the son of King George II named Clarence. this clarence house is located near St. James' Palace and two others residence. In addition, this clarence house is also the official london residence of prince charles.

6. Kensington Palace

7. St. James' Palace

8. Palace of Holyrood House

9. Hillsborough Castle

10. Highgrove House

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