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The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

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fuckin worst epic fail at the END !!!
Matina Jazmine
Just came here to see what all the hype was about
افلام الاكشن و الإثارة
Fagner Leal
Aqui o comentário brasileiro que você PROCURA!?
Los invito a mi canal soy Lili
Missandei: /Dracarys
Drogon: Sorry, you can't use mod commands on this server
*Missandei has left the chat*
Darren Désaulniers
800$/semain en moyenne grace a ce liens c'est juste énorme. 😍👌🤑
allostream xyz
Vod Seriale
I wish I could say... "I kind a forgot about season 8."
Flynn Flynn
David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, I will make sure to NEVER watch a single show you two are part of. I have a long memory.
NVG Perez
Jon mata a Daenerys.

Bran se sienta en el trono
Dmitrui Palah
Help QiWi +79108794240
Anime 3D
So Jon snow was a Targaryen... for no fucking reason. Bran became the three eyed raven... for no fucking reason. Danny did amazing things for season 8... for no fucking reason. Prince who was promised... No fucking reason. Everyone you wanted to team up for 8 seasons teams up... For no fucking reason. Everyone you wanted to die died... for no fucking reason. Fucking Brandon stark the character no one gives a shit about for 8 season is king..why? For no fucking reason that’s why i have watched game of thrones since 2011... For no fucking reason.
Riley Curtis
This season was so bad, I can’t
Frosty ICE the original one
The most anticlimactic show EVER
Wayne Filkins
It's kind of ironic that hundreds of thousands of people are complaining about how quickly Daenerys turned evil, while their lack of understanding of this event is simply due to their lack of education in psychology. Please stop forming and spreading opinions on matters which you clearly know nothing about. Go look up "psychotic break" or take an intro psych course. What happened with Dany is actually extremely realistic. It's sad that a great show is being criticized due to the general public's lack of intellect, or at least lack of knowledge in psychology.
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