2007 Chevrolet Lacetti. Start DC Motor, How it works? 2 days ago   15:24

2007 Chevrolet Lacetti. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.
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There is also this car in Israel, but this car is called Chevrolet Optra.
Ervin Zefi
I bought this car when it first came out in Greece , Christmas 2004 . It was the SE model 1.4l ecotech 95hp . I paid 11000 € out the door. Very comfortable car . For two years I put 24000 km and no problems whatsoever . I took care of it very well. It’s was passed down on my sister and her husband . They still have it and it still is in pristine condition with over 150ooo km. Doesn’t burn oil or anything . Great car in my opinion.
علي الناصري
Newton lol
Lacetti it 2007 - 2012 but optra Only in 2005
this car is sooo beytifool this is my car 95hp :) pro :DD
Smash Gamer
this is kinda a rip-off of the Suzuki forenza
러시아는 돌아다니는게 한 두세대 전 차량으로 이런거 찍네.. 물론 최신형도 있겠지만
chevrolet lacetti=daewoo lacetti=chevrolet optra
Donguk Shin
long time ago, we used it as police car
Trent Brenneman
Is the 1.4 litre EcoTec found in this Lacetti the one used in the current Chevy sonic, but with a turbo.(In the USA that is)
Its a LACETTI not a LACHETI, learn how to read!
Heard it's problematic.
Steve Oswald
I owned the wagon version of this in the US for 6 years. It was 05 (hence my name haha). I had no doubt in my mind it would last forever mechanically. But electrically? Oh my god....
Also known as TG Reasonably Priced Car back in the day. Compare this to the current RPC and it's really indicative of how much better cars are getting every year.
gil zur
D A E W O O .
Tony The Driver
i live in the usa and i got that car and its a  Suzuki forenza . i have all power windows and power locks and A/C too
It a car with many names:) chevrolet optra, Chevrolet nubira, chevrolet estate, Buick Exelle, daewoo gentra, holden viva, Suzuki forenza. =7 DIF. Name plates...
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DC Motor, How it works? 2007 Chevrolet Lacetti. Start 2 days ago   04:50

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