Dinosaur Ridge and millions of years 6 months ago   02:59

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Behind the scenes in a guided tour at Dinosaur Ridge in Colorado. Watch my awesome Arnold Schwarzenegger impression and look at those million year old dinosaur footprints!

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This dude landed that blonde? This gives hope for the future!
was there not a movie called things to do in Denver when your dead !
See you at the party Richter!!!
C. Jones
Again Mel seems so excited... Not.
Gregg Bond
Heather K
On of my favorite videos yet! Mel cracked me up excavating with her make up brush. But mainly because I've actually been there and my husband proposed on the stage of Red Rocks Amphitheater!! Can't wait to see more from Colorado! 😀
Mizike Dizz
You made me want to watch total recall!
Are you exploring Denver?
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